Monday 4 December 2017

Snow and dogs - the best cure for diarrhea

It's been a while since I shared a few photos from around here! We had a massive snow dump at the beginning of November, which seemed way too early for everyone involved. Luckily, it melted after 10 days, and the next snow waited respectfully until December to arrive. It's been positively magical!
The dogs and I have been hiking every day lately, and their exuberance is infectious. 
You all know my boundless love for dogs, and reason #847 for it is their ability to enjoy life to tremendously. They are an example to all of us!

The dogs are saving my sanity right now. With Rich's mystery illness and me dealing with the consequences of my absentmindedness (one word: diarrhea 😬), life is a bit frustrating at the moment. But the dogs make me laugh and smile every single day, because they simply know no bad days.  

 They are just playing. Ruffly 😉
 Magnificent JoeJoe
 Tom Snow taking a little nap. The dogs love the snow.
Ice-Bear in his element
 Our backyard
Smiley corgy

I hope you have something or someone in your life that makes you smile every day! If not - may I recommend getting a dog? 😉
Dogs have no Mondays. 

Alas, we do - but we will survive!

xoxo Miriam



  1. Gorgeous photos, Miriam!! It's a fairytale winter wonderland there! I sure do hope things settle down a bit for you, but it's amazing to read about how you are living in the moment and soaking up the goodness that you find. Including your amazing dogs! xo

    1. They are a true pleasure to have around. They teach me how to enjoy life and to live in the moment every day 💕🐶

  2. GAhhh!! This post brings me so much joy! Must go walk my dogs through the snow now, thank you!

    1. Aren't walks through the snow the BEST?! I love them with all my heart.


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