Saturday 4 November 2017

Where I want to be in June 2022

... still in bed with Tom Snow. The end.
That's the short version. If you want to know more, here comes the long one! 😉

Last night I went through the drafts folder of my blog. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the draft folder is where blog posts go to die that are unfinished. I tend to write down titles or quick notes when I have an idea, and save it in the drafts folder, with the intention of getting back to it later. 
Well, good intentions are apparently not enough, because I've collected 110 unfinished posts in there. Yikes! 
Many were a lost cause (I only had a title and no clue what I meant to write down), but some might just see the light of day. This is one of them! I can't remember exactly why I settled on June of 2022, but I'm assuming that I planned on doing a 5-year-plan post back in June. You know, like the interview question about "where do you see yourself in 5 years?".

I looove making big plans for the future, writing them down, and then looking back on them a few years later. Almost exactly 3 years ago (it was Nov 18, 2014), I wrote a post describing my dream for the future. At the time, we had no idea when, how, or if we'd ever be able to turn that dream into reality. Three years later, a lot of my wishes have come true, which is freakishly awesome and reinforces my belief in manifesting your dreams.

Let's do another round, shall we?

In June 2022, I will be 42 years old.
I wake up in the morning in my pink bedroom, Lily lying beside me, short paws sticking into the air. I check my phone (some things never change), before heading into the bathroom to tie my long, silver-streaked brunette hair into a messy ponytail.
I pad into the kitchen to make coffee, watching the hummingbirds have breakfast.
When the coffee is ready, I pour a big cup and head outside to my she shed. I step into the bright, sun-flooded room, the white curtains blowing gently in the warm breeze, and sit down on my desk under the window. To my left is a bookcase overflowing with books, two of them written by me! Behind me is a large, comfortable couch, my favourite spot to read.

The door is open, and the dogs come bounding in, overjoyed to see me. (After all, it's been 8 hours since the last time we've seen each other. That's like 8 years in dog time.) After a Hollywood-worthy reunion, they plop themselves down all around me, sigh contentedly, and fall asleep. A peacock pokes his head in to see what's going on, but decides that the crowd is too ruff, and wanders away.

I fire up my computer and read what I've written the day before. I'm working on my third book! The first one, my memoir, was a rousing success, with over 100,000 copies sold! (My dream, my rules.)

In the four years since its release I wrote one more book, and kept on writing my blog. It's now 9 years old, and as dear to me as an old friend. I go through my blog archives and find this post, totally blown away by how everything came true exactly how I wrote it. (Believe, baby!)

I write for an hour before feeding the horses, cows and sheep, and then I go in the house to have breakfast with Rich. He's 68, but looks 10 20 years younger.
He's going for a ride on his horse after breakfast, while I roll out my yoga mat for some handstands and backbends before taking Lily and Nina for a nice long walk.

We have lunch together, and then he putters around the farm while I go back to my shed to write some more.
We invited a couple of friends over for dinner, and I start cooking at around 5. I put on a dress that's too fancy for the occasion, but life is short, so why not wear whatever the hell you want?

The next day, I go to work at our local hospital. I work there 3 days a week, and I love it. I know half the patients that come in, and we catch up on the latest town gossip. Billy tells me that his lame horse is getting better, Lilian shares some of her strawberries with me, and old TJ is flirting inappropriately again with me and all the nurses.
I love being so connected to my community, and to have a job that not only keeps my grounded, but that's fun and gives me plenty of writing material.

Life in 2022 looks damn sweet - and a lot like life in 2017 does.
If you want to know how much of it will become true, stick around! 😁

Happy weekend!
xoxo Miriam


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