Tuesday 18 November 2014

Chasing liquid gold

A little while ago we talked about dreams for the future. Rich had just returned from a three-day hunting trip, and he was glowing. Now, for those of you who don't know my husband, here is a fact you need to be aware of to understand the significance of this statement: Richard doesn't glow. He's a manly man, hairy, unsmiling in pictures, with a somewhat stoic disposition. He is not prone to open displays of emotion. While he is very open with his affection and expresses his love often, he simply does not glow.
But he did then. 


Here is the word picture he painted for me: "We left the house shortly after 6am when it was still dark. The temperature was -19 degrees (Celsius), but it didn't feel too cold. The air was so pure!
We drove up a mountain trail when the sun came up. Miri, I wish you could have seen it: There were millions of ice crystals just floating in the air, and once the sun hit them, they looked like liquid gold! It was stunning, I've never seen anything like it. It reminded me of all the sparkly decorations you've put up at home." At this point, he was gushing. I mean, he had used the word 'sparkly'! Rich continued to rattle on about brilliant blue skies, sunshine, sparkling crystals, the air (repeatedly about the air), no traffic, nature trails abounding - it was mesmerizing. 

And just like that, our yearning for the little log cabin in the woods is back. 

We love to dream about living in the wilderness. Always have, always will. There is nothing more glorious to us than nature. I know that I would never get bored being surrounded by it. How could I? It changes constantly: it looks, smells, feels different every day.
Watching spectacular cloud formations, breathing in warm, pine-scented air or feeling the wind in my hair are the little things I live for.

My dream log cabin is small, around 1600sf. It has a wrap-around porch where the dogs can hang out, and where I have my morning coffee.

Something like this would do nicely (source)
From the porch, you step into a large combined living and kitchen area. Comfortable sofas and easy chairs in bright patterns are grouped around the fire place. An old steamer trunk serves as coffee table. In one corner of the room is the rustic farm table, large enough for occasional meals with family and friends. Basically, I want my house to look like this:

This is my heaven on earth, perfect in any way! Check out the rest of the amazingness here

Isn't it sensational?? Flooded with light, eclectic, with lots of character and oh-so beautiful!

*Stares dreamily into space*

What? Oh right, I was in the middle of something here, sorry. Yes, well - where was I?

Living in nature, that's it. Direct your gaze to the left, to this lovely painting I found on Pinterest. That's the view I would love to have from my front porch. And yes, our log cabin would be in an area where it snows a bit during the winter. Just a few weeks, around Christmas (of course), for the ambiance and wonderland factor snow provides. Most of the time though, it is sunny with blue skies, and a LOT less rainy than where we are right now.

Even if it is cold, it will be that dry, crisp cold that is invigorating as opposed to bone-numbing.

From our front porch, we will have a clear view to the pasture where the horses are at. We can also see the occasional deer on summer evenings, and the odd moose in the fall.

Rich and I will go for rides often, since we are able to saddle the horses at home and ride off right from our property (something that is impossible to do from our home now). A couple of the dogs will trot along, with no park authority figure demanding to put them back on a leash or else!

Frequently, when Rich is off with his buddies playing in the woods (boys will be boys), I will stay at home and write. Or take the dogs for a walk, and to take pictures of the breathtaking nature all around us.

About twice a week (maybe 3 times, tops) I will drive into the nearby town to go to work. After some consideration I have decided that being at home all the time will be too lonely - I need to be amongst people on a regular basis. Being an introvert, it is better for me if I have an established routine - left to my own devices, I find excuses not to see people way too easily. And I always enjoy being social, provided I have enough alone-time to balance it.

There will be peace all around us. No traffic. Just birds chirping, roosters crowing, the leaves rustling in the wind.
And once in a while, when we get really lucky, we will come across liquid gold hanging in the air: millions of frost crystals glittering in the sun, illuminating the wonderful world all around us.

I can't wait.

xo Miriam

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  1. Oh what a beautiful dream cabin! I actually stayed in one very similar to this for a week when I was in the seventh grade. It was in the Smoky Mountains, and it was one of those "resort cabins". I'd gone with a friend and her family because her dad was doing a wedding (which also took place in one of these fairy tale cabins...talk about perfection!). I, too, would love LOVE to live in such a place, raise a family there, etc...can you even imagine? If you ever do move into one, I am inviting myself to come visit you!!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. That sounds like an absolute dream. You've definitely got a clear idea of what you want! I'm a bit like that with my dream house - sweeping staircase, a library to rival the one from Beauty and the Beast, a massive bathroom, a lovely, big, enclosed garden that the dog and future kids can play in. Ah, just wonderful. I just don't have a clue about where I'd like said house to be situated though...
    Debi x

    1. That sounds wonderful! I have to add the library to my house as well. We have an idea where our house could be - now we just have to find it...

  3. oh, that sounds so so perfect. i really want to go there too! and i would decorate it the exact same way they did in those pictures.. i would take all my favourite books there and just read and read and read.

    i really enjoyed this post! :)

  4. *Sigh* What a dream! I can so see you there. Exactly in that place with that life.

    And I can so see myself coming to visit. :)

  5. Total dream, I so wish I could live in a log cabin too, I love, love nature! That cabin picture you posted is SO dreamy. And it was almost like I could really see those sparkly crystals in the air the way your husband described them. Keep visualizing, it's sure to happen! :)

    1. Even if it won't, it's fun to dream about it. There is a place only about 2 hours away from us, where the climate is totally different: lots and lots of sun, barely any rain. We love it there! Maybe we will find our cabin there somewhere...

  6. What a lovely dream. I know you will make it happen one day Miriam. Nature is a beautiful thing.


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