Sunday 17 December 2017

An Instagram scroll that will make you happy!

Happy 3rd advent!
In case you're stressed out right about now (and you probably are, it's a busy time!), I have a solution for that. Drop everything you're doing, pour yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (don't forget the peppermint schnapps, it's Christmas season after all!), and indulge in some Instagram. 
But not the kind that makes you slightly angry because everybody's life seems so much more perfect than yours (even though that's an illusion, and you know it), but in the kind that gives you the warm and fuzzies. 

Let's start with juniperfoxx. With over 2 million followers, "the happiest fox" is guaranteed to make you smile! A friend introduced me to Juniper and Fig, two rescue foxes living the good life.
Here they are:

I love them. I'm trying to convince Richard that we need a fox, but so far, he doesn't see the necessity. Until he does, I'll live vicariously through J&F!

If foxes aren't your thing (what's wrong with you??), how about the happiest adoption story in Insta-land? Elsie Larson (from A Beautiful Mess) and her husband Jeremy just adopted a little girl from China, and her Instagram posts and videos are a Christmas fairy tale come to life. 

Elsie has shared her adoption story on her personal blog, and seeing them finally meeting little Nova and taking her home has been magical. They are my favourite family on Instagram! Plus, Nova is the most stylish toddler. 

For guaranteed smiles (and a few tears), go and visit elsielarson.

The next lady on my list shouldn't be a stranger. By now you must have heard of Celeste Barber?! She is hands down the funniest lady in Instaland. Her famous #celestechallengeaccepted posts are pure gold.

She is making fun of the ridiculous things celebrities post, and the results never disappoint. She's been doing this over a year (or maybe even 2?), and she just gets better all the time. 
Not only are her photos hilarious (and the videos are even better!), but her captions are so good, it almost hurts. This girl is as gifted a writer as she is a comedian. Go and visit her account!

If you are looking for someone who lives life by her own rules, look no further than briannamadia

Brianna, her husband Keith, and their two dogs Bucket and Dagwood live in a big orange van named Bertha. 

If you are into freedom, alternative living, gorgeous desert pictures, and a beautifully different way to live life, Brianna is the woman for you. She also has a wonderful writing voice, and is working on her first book! I can't wait.

Happy scrolling!

xoxo Miriam

Top image from Juniperfoxx.



  1. I love Brianna, her husband and pups. She is always so refreshing and thought provoking and fun! I had to add the others because they looked wonderful as well. Celeste is hilarious! Thanks for putting some fun out in the universe! :)

    1. Those 4 ladies make every day better by spreading laughs, joy, and happiness. Social media gets a bad rap, but it can be so uplifting!

  2. So fun! Celeste Barber cracks me up.

    1. Omg, I just love her! She's simply fabulous.


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