Friday 13 April 2018

Get your signed copy now!

My baby is here!!!
If you're following me on social media, you already know that my biggest dream has come true: my book arrived last week. It's not officially released until June 5, but I had my publisher send me 100 copies, and after staring at the big pile of books in my room all week, I've decided that now is the time to release them into the wild!

I will sell some signed books right here, starting today!

Click here to order!

Langley peeps, if you want to shop locally and support the Langley Hospital, you can buy a copy at the Langley Memorial Hospital gift shop! The books will be available there from April 23 onward!

Thank you all for all the congratulations and well-wishes over this past week. This is the most exciting and surreal time of my life, and I still have to pinch myself daily to make sure I'm not dreaming. 

Please let me know in the comments if something isn't working, as per usual I'm figuring it out as I go!

Lots of love to you all,




  1. So cool! I hope you can find a way to ship to the US affordably soon. If not, I'll order it online when it's available!

    1. Hi Emily, I figured out a way! It's only $5 CAD more, which works out to be pretty much exactly 20 USD. Setting up an online shop is completely new to me, but it's always good to learn new skills, right? ;-)

  2. Maybe your US readers would be willing to pay for their own shipping to get an early copy :)

    1. I found a way to send it for only 5 CAD more, which works out to be about 20 USD.
      Thanks so much for being so nice Phoenix!!

  3. Congratulations Miriam❣❣❣ I am thrilled for u xo

    1. Thank you Tia! As you know, this feels surreal - I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! 🎉


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