Tuesday 17 April 2018

My husband wants bright yellow

We're currently in the process of deciding what colour we want to paint our house, and for once in our lives, my husband wants to go brighter than me.
I love colour. I'm the one with dibs on going colour-crazy, with my husband having the role of trying to talk me down. 
Yet, here we find ourselves, roles reversed, with me being clueless about how this suddenly happened. 

Maybe it's because he was so sick, he thought he might die?
Maybe it's because he is so much farther over the hump, he's more aware of the preciousness of every day?
Maybe it's because he once saw a house that was so outrageously, in-your-face happy and unique and out there, he wanted to have a house just like it?

I'm concerned because yellow won't fit into the neighbourhood. 
It won't fit into 'the landscape'.
It won't be subdued. 
Nor discreet. 

It will be cheerful, obnoxiously so. 
It will practically shout: 'Live a little louder'!
It will remind my husband of the best house he ever saw.
It will make us both laugh.

Life is short.
Have a yellow house while you can.



  1. We are having the same discussion. I want dark gray with white trim OR a greenish taupe that will make the house blend in with the landscape. Everyone around us is very basic with their beige, light gray or white. I want to be different My husband wants a basic taupe. We also can't decide on vinyl or an alternative material. I want to just get the upgrade ball rolling but he is afraid if we pick the wrong thing, it will look cheap and stupid. I say, pay for cheap it will look cheap! My head hurts from banging it against the wall. I say go with that makes you both happy! Paint can easily be changed.

    1. I love dark grey with white! Add a bright yellow door, and it's perfection. I still can't decide what I want, I'm strangely reluctant to go yellow. It will come to us, I have no doubt!
      P.S. You should TOTALLY go with dark grey!

  2. How nice that you get to make that decision and not the HOA. Let's just say my house will never not be beige! Hmmm...I too might be a little cautious about yellow, but at the same time it's quite a fun happy color.

    1. I'm still torn, so my project for the weekend is to look at hundreds of pictures of house exteriors on Pinterest! ;-)

  3. In your neighbourhood anything goes, all colors. But never drab. Never plastic. Daffodils!!! They fit in so they are right!


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