Monday 2 April 2018

Best (and worst) of March

March was the first month since October that was really good. Yay! It contained many of the things that make life worth living: bonfires, rainbows, good friends, dog walks, yoga, and - strippers?
Yes, our daughter (!) took us to a strip bar (!!!) in the middle of the month, and it was hilarious. If you pay attention to the video, you will see her (the stripper, not our daughter) twirl around the pole at 0:09 in the video.

The good:
We have a release date for my book!
June 5 is the big day! Apparently, books are always released on the first Tuesday of the month (who knew?), and Let's Pretend This Is Normal is coming out on the first Tuesday of June. It's already available for pre-order here, and it will soon come to Amazon. I'm also doing a special, limited-time-only pre-release sale here on the blog, where you can buy signed copies. I will tell you more about it soon, stay tuned!

My sister is coming!
Another exciting event happening in June is that my sister is coming to visit us! It's been 12 years since she was last here in Canada, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing her. She booked her flight last week, and will be here in just a little over 9 weeks. I can't wait!

Rich's continued improvement
Rich keeps healing, and we celebrate every little victory: the fact that he can reach his left ear with his left hand again (something he couldn't do for months); that he can turn the pepper mill again (he was too weak and in too much pain for that); that he drove 2 hours each way to visit a friend last week. He started with massage therapy, which helps with his continued shoulder pain, and we are contemplating stopping the antibiotics once he has finished this dose. He is still far from being completely recuperated, but it's so encouraging to see progress!

My blog turned 5!
On March 15, I celebrated blogging for 5 years. I wrote a lengthy post about it (you can read it here), because blogging holds a special place in my heart. It has helped me tremendously in becoming the woman I am today, by figuring out who I am, and even more importantly, being okay with who I am. More than okay, in fact; I learnt to love her.
I credit blogging with helping me fulfil my dream of becoming a (soon-to-be) published author, for finding my voice, and for living a life beyond my wildest dreams. I love this sweet little blog of mine 💗

The bad:
Nothing was really bad in March, except for one thing:

My breathing
I listed my health as a concern last month, and unfortunately, it hasn't gotten better. I get shortness of breath as soon as I walk uphill, and I wheeze quite a bit at even the lightest exertion. We thought it may be an allergic reaction to hay, but I'm not sure about that anymore. It's something that we're both concerned about, and I'll go back to the doctor to figure out what's going on with my lungs. 

Aside from that, life is grand! With the snow finally gone (except for a fluke little dusting we got last night, but I'm expecting it to be gone by noon), we can get started on our outdoor projects: building the she shed, creating another sitting area in the shade, and moving Rich's birds from their winter quarter back into their summer aviary. 

Because we're already a quarter through the year, I made a video of a second a day from January through March:

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

xoxo Miriam


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