Wednesday 27 June 2018

A day in wine country

Yesterday we spent the day in Kelownafornia! Oh, you haven't heard of it? It's an easy 1.5-hr drive away from home, otherwise known as Kelowna. Ha! Driving through the rolling wine hills, my sister said "that's what I picture California to look like!", to which my friend (and tour guide for the day) Christine replied: "they call it Kelownafornia!". I'm absolutely loving the name, and shall henceforth use it exclusively. 
Anyway, moving on to the wine tour!
We went to two wineries, The View and SpierHead Winery.

Christine and I tasted 5 different ciders, while my sister and another friend tasted some wines. The ciders were delicious! Bonus point: the bottles are really pretty, too.
After The View, we went to SpierHead just up the road. The view from there is incredible! Just look:
The wine isn't too shabby either (in fact it's DELICIOUS):
What's the next logical step for a girl's day after tasting some wine? Shopping, of course! We went to the cutest little boutique called Pretty Little Things, which is heaven for dog- and cat-lovers due their many dog-themed clothes, accessories, and home decor items. I think all of us found something in there - for me it's a colourful, off-the-shoulder, bell-sleeve top that's so pretty, even Rich loved it! It may even inspire me to do an outfit post soon...
Sufficiently hungry, we had cocktails and lunch right by the Marina.
After that? More eating, of course! We had giant cups of ice cream right by the lake, with Ogopogo looking on with his happy (and slightly unhinged, if you ask me) smile.
See what I mean??
 If you suspect this is a crappy cellphone pic taken by yours truly, you would be correct.
Last stop: Penticton!
We hung out at the beach, took a little stroll, and had an all-around spectacular day. If you've never visited the Okanagan, what are you waiting for? It's absolutely beautiful!

xoxo Miriam



  1. So fun! I wold love to go do tastings at a bunch of different wineries and cideries! We have a bunch in VA but it has been a while. A girls' weekend/day to do that would be wonderful.

    1. Once bebe is here you can treat yourself to a wine tour! How much longer until your due date?

  2. Looks amazing!! I'm heading out to the California wine country later this summer and your post just got me even more excited!

    1. How fun! Have the BEST time! Wine tastings are awesome 🥂


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