Saturday 23 June 2018

Happy summer!

Summer is in full swing around here (albeit with almost daily thunderstorms, which is unusual for this area), and I'm finally doing all the things I've wanted to do when we moved here, but somehow haven't! Funny how that works, isn't it? 
That's the great things about having out-of-town visitors: you get to play tourist, and see your home with the eyes of an outsider. And what I see is pretty damn beautiful!

My sister is currently here, and not only are we having a fantastic time (and she takes great photos!), but we are apparently re-living our youth (in the words of my daughter). Nothing wrong with that!
Here are a few photos from our canoe-trip the other day:

First stop: Kentucky lake. It looks gorgeous with its sparkling turquoise water, but unfortunately, the mosquitoes were vicious, and as soon as we stepped out of the car it started to rain. We hung around for a few minutes, but the mosquitoes soon chased us off. Between the two of us, we have at least 40 bites!
But we were not ready to give up. We turned around and headed to Kane Lake. 
And boy, am I glad that we did!
Because this is what awaited us:
A calm lake, the sun peaking out behind fluffy clouds, and best of all: no bugs!
We unloaded the canoe (which is stupidly heavy and cumbersome, and almost took us down with it), life-vested up, and off we went!
We paddled around for a long time, soaking up the peace and quiet and the beauty all around us. 
Once we were back on land, it was time for some sister selfies!
We went swimming (but only for 30 seconds, because the water was chilly!), and then we headed back home. 
Guess what we saw on the way??
A moose calf! First one either of us has ever seen in the wild. It was very special. 
Also, this happened:
Turns out, making tight knots is harder than it looks - needed to re-tighten those straps a wee bit. But all went well, and we made it safely home!
Summer is the best. 

Happy summer! 

xoxo Miriam



  1. I'm glad you had so much fun with your sister! This looks like such a fun day!

    1. It was! Thanks to her I get go do all the things I've had on my summer bucket list since last year 😎🌞

  2. The blue of the first lake -wow what a shot!
    This post made me smile so much. I felt like I was canoeing too - :0)

    1. Oh I'm glad! Did you feel the warm breeze on your skin? ;-)

  3. Summer adventures are the absolute best! xx

    1. They sure are! This summer is a beautiful one 🌞🛶


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