Thursday 6 December 2018

Ready for some fashion magic?

It's my birthday today, and contrary to most women I don't mind telling you my age: I'm 39. Yup, 39 years old and proud of it! I like to joke that the secret to feeling young is having a husband who's 25 years older - no matter how large my under-eye bags are, he will always look older than me 😏 
I love getting older. The first three decades of my life were filled with angst, uncertainty, self-loathing and doubt, and leaving that baggage behind is a gift I don't take for granted. Inner peace for a few silver hairs and wrinkles? I'll take it!

Another big difference I've noticed over the last few years is my approach to shopping. Once upon a time I was a passionate shopper, and I couldn't imagine anything better than hitting the mall and browsing for hours, trying on countless clothes, and taking a few new pieces home after every shopping trip. In those days I was all about quantity over quality, because I wanted to participate in at least a few trends every season. 
These days I avoid malls like the plague. Everything I used to like about it - the hustle, the people, the sheer abundance of shops and clothes - is now something I actively dislike. But does that mean I stopped liking clothes? Hell no! 

That's where online shopping comes in. The ease of shopping from bed in your pj's is one of life's great pleasures! One of my favourite online shops is eShakti. I've bought several dresses from them (and was gifted this beautiful hummingbird dress), and I love their whimsical designs, the quality, and best of all? That you can customize the style of their clothes. You decide what neckline you want, the style of the sleeves, and the length of the skirt. After all, who knows better what suits you best than you?

While eShakti has always offered that service, it now has a brand-new feature: eShakti FX. It lets you play around with the customizations right before your eyes, which is strangely addictive!
I made a short video to demonstrate this new feature:

Fun, right?
I played around with a couple other dresses:
Monkey-print dress (yes, you read that right it has monkeys on it!), 40% off

And my absolute fave:

That red plaid dress has my name all over it, doesn't it? It's red, it's plaid, it's tied at the waist - it's perfection!

Take a look at eShakti's website - they have a great sale going on, and new customers get 40% off!

Have a great day, it's almost the weekend!

xoxo Miriam



  1. Well happy birthday girl! Hope you have a magical day (or better yet, week) to celebrate the wonderful you. xox

    1. Thank you dear Elaine! It was a wonderful day after a good year 💖

  2. I love the plaid dress!

    Happy birthday to youuuu!!!!

    1. It's in my shopping cart, probably soon on its way to me ... 😍

  3. I have a few dresses from them that sadly do not fit anymore. That red plaid dress and the holiday dress are beautiful.

    1. They make great dresses, don't they? Maybe it's time for a new one for you?!

  4. Love the plaid dress too! Happy birthday to you!! I'm with you, getting older isn't that bad. I think that generally our comfort level with ourselves increases as we age. There is definitely a "really I don't care that much what anyone else thinks" feel :)

    1. There sure is, and it's the best! So far, the good far outweighs the bad for me when it comes to aging.
      I'm fairly sure I'll give myself that red dress as a Christmas present 😉


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