Thursday 11 September 2014

Style: Hummingbirds for the win (and for free!)

At long last, it has happened: I got my first item of clothing for free!! The fine people of eShakti must have heard my pleas, took pity on me and kindly offered me to choose one of their beautiful dresses or skirts. As I was browsing through the collection, my husband peeked over my shoulder (something he rarely does), and as soon as he saw this hummingbird one, he told me that I needed to get it. He's a bird man (as evidenced by the hundreds and thousands of birds we own), and obviously has excellent taste (hello, I'm his wife!), so I followed his advice. 

And I'm in love! It has the three main requirements I look for in dresses: pockets, great fit, and a whimsical print. The last one is actually a brand-new requirement that I have just introduced - I love this print! Which is actually no print, but stitching. Which is even better. 

Anyway, eShakti is well known in blogland, but none of my RL friends had heard of them, which once again proves that blogland is quite often the cooler place to be. Sorry real world, it's true.
Their speciality is that they make custom clothes, which is what I did as well: I chose a different neckline (sweetheart, as requested by my sweetheart - he was really involved in the entire process), and skirt length that is hitting just at the knee.   

Dress: c/o eShakti (this one doesn't seem to be available any more, but this pretty one is similar); shoes: Swedish Hasbeens; necklace: gift

The dress is very good quality, and 100% cotton, which I love. I'm already planning fall and winter outfits with it...

 Dog tested and approved.

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Perfect customization on that dress, it fits you like a glove and the print is so sweet. I also LOVE your photo session with the chicken. Who knew chicken could be so stylish! Just found your blog through the Passion for Fashion linkup, I'llbe following along!

    1. Welcome Angie! Our animals are my favourite photo shoot accessories, they have become pros at it! I was thrilled to find this dress, birds in real life and on clothes? What could be better. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Cute dress! I love Birdies very much too :}}

  3. Your hummingbird dress is gorgeous, Miriam. I loved working with eShakti and getting their retro bicycle-print dress which I loved. I love the shoes you chose for it. Your styling is gorgeous. =)

    I miss hearing from you so welcome by to see my latest. Thanks, Ada. =)

    Enjoy the weekend, Pretty Girl!!

  4. Love that last picture, the dog seems to be going really lady more pictures lets get a treat!

  5. What an adorable dress! The hummingbirds are too cute and I love the customization you chose.


  6. yaaaay, your first free dress! and it's beautiful :D

  7. Awesome choice! I loooooooove eShakti and how they often combine whimsical prints with classic silhouettes. Stopping by from the 'Passion for Fashion' link-up :)

    Jen @ Librarian for LIfe + Style

  8. Yay! Free dress, and it looks great on you!

  9. Ahhh, I love this! You look fantastic. Hummingbirds suit you - great choice, Richard (on both the hummingbirds and the wife, obv).

    I have been really impressed with all the eShakti dresses I've seen bloggers post about recently!


  10. I love eShakti. That dress looks beautiful on you.


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