Wednesday 5 September 2018

She Shed tour!

I'm so excited to finally share a few photos of my beautiful She Shed with you guys! 
Almost a year ago I announced that I convinced Rich to build me my own little cabin. I envisioned it to be a mix between a tiny house, Canadian lake cabin, and whimsical fairy house. The end result is a collaboration between Rich's, the carpenters', and my vision, and it far surpasses all my expectations!

Let's start with the outside:
Teddy, the puppy seems to think we built it just for her and hangs out there the most out of all the dogs 😁
The famous hammock! (It's been featured on my Instagram lots of times this summer.) It's by far my favourite spot for reading, napping, and hummingbird watching
Rich and my chairs for after-dinner wine. 
All the flowers are from Rich; he is the plant guy in our relationship. 
Our carpenter Bruce made this chair (sorry, it's mostly hidden) and gave it to me as a gift because it matches the porch railing. It's surprisingly comfortable and fits this little corner perfectly! I often have my morning coffee there.

Now let's take a look inside:
This is what it looks like when you stand in the doorway. I'll link all the furniture at the end of this post in case you want to know where I got it. I'm a bargain shopper, so it's all budget friendly!
The wooden sign saying "I just want to drink wine and pet my dog" is a gift from my former boss/now friend! I love it so much because it's so accurate. Ha!
This little gallery wall is really special to me. The watercolour picture of the shed with some of my dogs is from my friend Christine, and I love it so much! There's nothing better than homemade gifts, right? The little wood carving above is from a shopping trip with my sister when she was here, and the photos are from our canoe trip back in June. Every time I see this little art display it makes me smile!
Art gallery continued: the skull is hand-painted by another friend. Look at her skulls, they are gorgeous! I'm thrilled to have an original @rafterzskulls on my wall! 
I found the picture below (to the left) at our local Pharmasave, it says: "Why not live life totally my way?" Totally up my alley. I stole the corgi printout from the Internet, and the "Babe Cave" sign is also from Pharmasave. What can I say? I like shopping local.
Rich and I built the bookshelf ourselves, with zero fighting! That's an accomplishment, we never used to work well together. I think age is mellowing us 😉
All the books to the left are made by me: some photo books, a book of all my blog posts from the first year of blogging, a photo album from my sister, a little book I wrote 3 years ago, and my memoir. The little green wooden box is a Christmas gift from a friend, also homemade. The two books underneath it are from Elsie and Emma, the sisters who run A Beautiful Mess, and who are both role models of mine. 
My desk! I have to confess that I haven't worked much on it yet; we had so many house guests over the summer, most of the time my shed was occupied. But with the end of summer this is going to change, and I'm looking forward to working from the desk from now on!
It's handmade as well (in Bolivia I think?), and was given to our friend Bruce, who gave it to me upon hearing that I was planning to buy a desk from IKEA. He's not an IKEA fan. I am, but I would have never found anything nearly as special there! I truly love and appreciate it. 
 So staged. But a glimpse into the future!
My beloved red couch. I always wanted one, but it took 38 years before it finally happened. Never give up on your dreams!
Thanks so much for visiting my favourite space in the entire world!

Here are the links/sources to the furniture:
floor lamp (I got it from WalMart, but I couldn't find the link for it; this one from IKEA is similar) | mirror | desk + wood stove: gifts

xoxo Miriam



  1. Oh, I want one! It is adorable and I love your wrap-around porch. How wonderful to have your own oasis.

    1. It is a dream come true. The wrap-around porch has been a lifelong dream of mine, and finally having one is even better than I imagined! My morning coffee tastes nowhere better than on the porch, with the dogs happily playing around me. It's perfection.

  2. It's adorable. It's better than any other she shed or man cave I've ever seen. I love it.

    1. Wow, what a great compliment Cece, thank you!!

  3. What?? No wine cellar underneath? (Hahaha) I love it Miriam! I remember some of your Insta-stories during construction, and it's so nice to see it all put together, organized, and (not surprising) adorable!!! So glad that you have this space :) It seems like a great place to write for sure!

    1. It is, and a great reading and wine drinking and talking space as well... I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! ;-)

  4. Super cute! And I LOVE that rug!

    1. It's still available! I actually have the same one in our house as well (yes, I love it that much haha!), and it's holding up really well after almost 2 years of use. I highly recommend!

  5. I love this. We took down an old chicken house and this is what I want to replace it with a she shed. May I ask, is there a bathroom in it. Thanks so much for sharing. My view would be garden to the south and the steer lot to the north. Perfect!

    1. That sounds amazing Judi! Have fun building your dream-shed, it was one of the most enjoyable projects of my life!
      Yes, there is a little bathroom in it, because it doubles as a guesthouse.
      Thanks so much for visiting my little blog!


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