Friday 27 September 2019

Reading weather

It's grey, grey, grey. Fall is letting us down in terms of the golden and crisp-in-the-morning, warm-in-the-afternoon weather I love so much; but on the bright side, this weather is perfect for reading. 
(I would say reading and writing, but I have lost my writing groove since the summer, and I'm still desperately looking for it. If you see it, please send it my way!)

But if you're looking for some reading recommendations, I have you covered!
I wrote a new book on the sly (I didn't post anything about it while I was writing it) while I was gone from home last year, and I summarized what it's all about here
Of course, there is also Let's Pretend This is Normal, the book that speaks about most 20-somethings' experience of heartbreak, finding your way, and redefining your values. 
But aside from my shameless self-promotion, here are a few more books I've recently read and enjoyed:

Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center
I'm a huge Katherine Center-fan. In my book, she can do no wrong. Her ability of writing flawed characters who have to undergo life-changing events in order to find their happiness is unparalleled. Her latest book is no exception. Cassie is an unusual heroine who you will quickly grow to love. I'm in awe of supremely strong, unflappable women, and getting to know them beyond their strong exterior is breathtaking. Not only did I enjoy learning more about fire-fighting and parkour (I know, right?), but it was highly enjoyable to follow Cassie's love story. I'm a sucker for love, what can I say??

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
Who doesn't love a psychological thriller? I do, especially in the fall. This novel has been getting a lot of buzz (which I didn't know until I started reading it), so in light of that here is what I think: I enjoyed the book. It was well written and kept me captivated enough to finish it within 2 days (because I always need to know who the bad guy is). However, the downside of gathering a lot of buzz and upfront praise is that people expect something miraculously amazing, and if you do, you may be tempted to join the leagues of people who say that the book didn't live up to their expectations.   

Here's what I think: I couldn't put it down. Towards the end I guessed the ending, which is always in equal parts satisfying and disappointing. Don't listen to the buzz or the negative reviews. 
If you're looking for an intriguing thriller with flawed, but interesting characters, you will enjoy this book. 

Brianna Wiest is one of my literary role models. I love her way of taking a fresh look at the way we think about things, and about encouraging us to change our thinking in order to transform our lives. 
This book is a collection of some of her most popular essays she wrote for Thought Catalog, HuffPost, Forbes, and many more publications. 

I love her pieces, but I need to read them in small doses. Her work is thought-provoking, and there is only so much provocation I can take at a time. That having said, I read her daily Instagram posts religiously, because her words never fail to inspire me to live my most authentic life!

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
I had to search my own archives to make sure that I hadn't written a review about this book before, and to my astonishment, I hadn't. I read this book a few months ago and I absolutely LOVED it. It's fiction, but the entire time you will be tempted to google the characters, because the band and Daisy sound so real, you can't help but wanting to see pictures of them and their wild antics. The book was fast-paced, sexy, wild, and so intriguing, I had a profound feeling of loss when it was (way too soon) over. My only consolation? That it's being turned into a Netflix-series by Reese Witherspoon, who was just as spell-bound by the story as I was. I can't wait!

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
This book deserves all the hype. It's by far one of the most stunning stories I have ever read. It's a heartbreakingly beautiful story of a girl who loses everything, but becomes brilliant by being completely in tune with the environment around her. Even though it's sad at times, it's always hopeful and nothing short of miraculous. I adored this book. 

Happy fall and happy reading!
If you have any book recommendations, please let me know!

xoxo Miriam 


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