Sunday 21 June 2015

A day in my life

I slowly wake up from another wild dream. This time I was back in my home town, trying to catch the horse that escaped me, running all over the place desperately. I never caught it - mercifully, the birds outside my window woke me up. I can feel my little dog's round bum pressed against mine. She doesn't like to be too close, but one part of her usually touches me. 

Looking outside I see that it is another glorious summer's day. Lining them all up, they shape a beautiful necklace of flawless, perfect days, seemingly never ending. It's hard to imagine that it could ever be grey and rainy again. 

I reach for my phone, scrolling through Instagram. The colourful, cheery squares make me happy and grateful. My feed consists of stunning nature photos, inspiring yogis and travel pics from around the world. Looking through them always inspires me. 

I go into the kitchen to make coffee. Through the glass sliding doors I can see our puppy lying on top of the table, her preferred sleeping spot. She is looking at me, head cocked to the side, silently asking me if it's time to play yet - I shake my head and mouth to her: "Not yet, babygirl. Give mama time to wake up." She seems to understand, and closes her eyes again. 

The house is silent, Rich is still sleeping. I sip my coffee and plan the day that's ahead of me, bright and full of promise.   
I sit down in my happy place, in front of the computer. An idea just popped into my head, as sudden and vivid as a stroke of lightning. I start typing, only occasionally distracted by the World Wide Web looming tantalizingly close in the next tab. 

A shadow glides over my desk, and I look up and out the window. One of our herons just flew over the house, undoubtedly on her way to get breakfast for her babies. We have several heron nests on our property, and we love these ancient looking big birds. 

Rich woke up, and I make fresh juice for us. We sit together and chat for a bit. 

The dogs are up and bursting with energy, dancing around me to animate me to go out with them. I finally give in, grab my yoga mat and camera and head outside, dogs racing happily ahead. 
We go to the willow tree, me and my entourage. 

After a few minutes I find my flow, and I stay on the mat for an hour, enjoying the sun on my skin, the peace and quiet around me, the dogs frolicking beside me. This time has become sacred. As much as I love it, the practice is often frustrating, because I want too much, too soon - I'm still learning how to be patient. 

Back in the house I make some lunch, then tidy up the kitchen and put a load of laundry in the washing machine.

Rich asks me if I want to come with him to a few nurseries, and I do. We take our two dogs Lily and Nina and take off. Doing mundane, everyday things together is our favourite way to spend time with each other. We talk, we laugh, we make plans. Rarely a day goes by where we don't tell each other how lucky we are. We are grateful for each other and for the life we have created. 

It's early evening by the time we get back home. Rich feeds the animals, I put away the purchases we have made. Then I pour us each a drink and we settle down by the pond. We watch the herons and pigeons in the air, the chickens by our feet, the ducks and geese on the pond, the dogs playing. Behind us the sheep and horses are grazing peacefully.  

Later on I make us dinner, and we eat. Afterwards we watch a couple of episodes of "The Big Bang Theory" together before I go to my office to answer emails and reply to blog comments. 
After a few episodes of my latest Netflix addiction "Being Erica", it's time for bed. 

All is right with the world.  

*This is a day were none of us had to go to work. Sometimes people ask me how I spend my days off, and usually I simply say "hanging out at home". This is a more detailed description.*



  1. I feel like I'm there with you. This was beautifully written my friend. Xo

  2. One word: jealous....jealous of how you surround/fulfil you life, and jealous of your writing skills-

  3. That sounds like a perfectly lovely day.

  4. sounds like a perfect day! i really liked reading this post.

  5. When the sun is shining and the day is all mine, life is great! :-)

  6. Thank you D! It was a lot of fun to write.

  7. Sounds like it was a lovely day! I love how the colours from your photo suit the mood of the post perfectly.

  8. Thanks! It's one of my favourite photos ever. Those dahlias were the table decorations at a birthday party last year, and as I mentioned their beauty to the bartender she told me: "Dahlias are the beauty queens of the flower world."
    That stuck.
    Whenever I'm looking for something beautiful, I come back to dahlias :-)

  9. I love the flower shot!! This sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! You guys are so sweet :)

  10. What a lovely idea. I can certainly imagine them primping and preening themselves at night so that they can present themselves gloriously the next morning when all of the other flowers still have bed hair.

  11. Hahaha yes, exactly! I'm picturing flowers with bed hair - hilarious.

  12. Some days more than others ;-)

  13. It was! The perfect summer staycation day :-)


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