Thursday 18 June 2015

Things you don't know about me

Today I am participating in Helene's "You probably don't know ..." link-up. Such a fun idea!

I had planned to write this post in the morning, but life happened: Reading and coffee in bed,  then procrastinating in the form of blog post reading, then paying some bills, then loading the washing machine, then yoga for an hour. As I came back into the house, determined to get right on with writing this post, Rich invited me to an impromptu sushi lunch date, and who can say no to that?
This crappy picture does the amazingness of our meal no justice. One of the best lunches in a long time! Just in case you are wondering: The delicious striped raw tuna on top of the picture is spicy tuna sahimi we shared. YUM-MY! On the bottom is my rainbow roll, to the right Rich's california roll, and it was all to die for. Also noteworthy: Rich told me to take the picture, because it all looked so pretty. I wasn't going to. People, miracles do happen!!  

While at lunch we got a phone call from one of the kids who was stranded on the highway, so we left and drove the 50 km to her. She was fine, if upset, but her truck got towed and is (most likely) fixable. After that Rich dragged me through several nurseries to do some plant shopping, and once we got home I realized that I had to buy a very belated birthday gift for one of the other kids who is coming on Sunday for Father's Day. I just got home half an hour ago, so here we are, about 9 hours behind schedule. Say what?!
Well, better late than never, right?

Which brings me to my first point:

1. I never used to be late. Now I'm turning into a late person. Living with a chronic late person for 12+ years is finally rubbing off on me. I used to be completely anal very mindful of always being on time - or better yet, 10 minutes early. Not any more. I still try, I really do, but if I'm a bit late, especially for social engagements? Oh well, worse things could happen.

2. I don't shower every day. There are several reasons for it: I don't think it's necessary (I swear, I don't smell! One word: babywipes). I also think it dries out your skin. But the main reason is the following:

3. I worry about water all.the.time. I constantly worry about that we will run out of water one day. That's the main reason why I don't want to go to Vegas, because: desert + obscene waste of water = freaked out Miriam. This is particularly difficult since I LOVE warm, sunny and dry weather. My body wants to live in the desert, but my crazy mind won't let me. Life isn't fair.

4. I have a constant fear of losing memories. My generation grew up without cellphone cameras. The horror! Which means all my wildest teenage nights and fashion mistakes (glitter in my hair, I'm talking about you) are nowhere to be found on the Internet. While this is a blessing for all of you, I sometimes feel a bit sad about the lack of photos throughout my childhood and teenage years. Even the first few years of my relationship with Rich are only very sporadically documented, which I regret. So now I'm making up for lost time with my excessive photo-taking, and share a lot on this blog and on Instagram. But what if the Internet crashes? Or my blog disappears??  I occasionally will get the urge and make a photobook, but it's still not enough. I'm seriously considering scrapbooking, and I want to scrapbook all the years I have lived here in Canada (12.5 years, nbd). Is this normal behaviour?
Don't answer that.

5. I am currently deleting 3,000+ blog emails from my email account, because the sheer volume of emails in there makes me anxious. I love decluttering, because: clear life=clear mind. Not only do I regularly declutter my closet, I do the same with text messages, emails and the piles of paper that accumulate all around our house. I will light big campfires with them, and the experience is orgasm-like.

6. I used to be unable to stand silences. When I was younger I would do anything to avoid a silence. Talk excessively, listen to music or stories on tape, turn on the TV. The worst thing that could happen to me was when my walkman (yes, I had a walkman, calm down people. I'm 35 years old) ran out of batteries halfway through my walk and I had to be alone with my thoughts for a few minutes. I couldn't stand it.
Now? It's almost the opposite. I crave silence like I crave sour candy. Sometimes, on particularly busy days with lots of people talking to me and draining my energy reserves rapidly, I have to literally dig my fingernails into my legs to stop myself from screaming. How times can change!

7. I live in a dream world half the time. And I love it. With my perfect schedule (4 days work, 4 days off) I get the best of both worlds. I truly enjoy my job as a x-ray technologist, and love the interaction with my co-workers, patients, nurses and doctors. But I also LOVE my time away from work, where I live in my own little wonderland made up of my dogs, thoughts, books, ideas, dreams and fictional characters. I need this time - it is what makes me completely, utterly and over-the-moon happy. During my downtime, anything is possible: All dreams can become reality, my book characters become my friends and my latest Netflix addiction becomes my second home.

8. I used to have short hair. Sometimes I miss it.

Don't get me wrong, I like my long(er) hair a LOT, and I won't change it. It's taking me 2.5 years to get to this point! But what I liked about my short hair is that I often was the only person in the room with short hair. It made me different, and I liked that. Also, over the years I had quite a few women compliment me on my hair, which was so sweet! It always made my day. I'm the same now: Whenever I see a woman with a great short haircut I HAVE to compliment her. It's so cool and awesome! I automatically assume they are strong, independent women, based on their hair alone, even though it has nothing to do with it. I can't help it! I will always have a soft spot for short-haired women.  
I'm now just another woman with longish hair.  

9. I often fantasize about having a psychiatrist. I mean, how awesome would that be? You can talk about yourself all day long, he has to listen and understand you, and all your irrationalities can be blamed on your childhood. Sign me up!

10. I can't finish this post with an uneven number. Do I have a number 10 point to make? Nope. Could I have stopped at number 9? Hell, no. Does that make me a first-class OCD person? Probably. 
Which simply reinforces my last point: I need therapy!

Helene in Between

Do you have some secrets to share we don't know about you? Come on, you know you want to! Spill in the comments.



  1. You crack my up but I am the same if I do a list it has to be either 5 or ten things!

  2. Psychiatrists are weird. You want a therapist instead.

    I love your short hair! So cute! It makes me want to cut mine again.

  3. I love your short hair! I wish I had the flexibility of people with straight hair to be able to cut it however I want; unfortunately, short cuts are not in the mix for me.

    "I have a constant fear of losing memories." Me too!! This is probably one of my biggest fears in life!

  4. I met you when you had the short hair! Soooooooo cute, I forgot all about it, but you're rocking the long locks as well. :)
    I scrap book once in a while, I used to do it way more , it's incredibly therapeutic, I highly reccommend it :)
    And the never being late thing....Mark and I always joke we are "keeners for life." Neither of us can stand being late, and yes that means anything less than ten minutes early hehe!
    Love these posts, so many hidden secrets:)

  5. Haha I know, right? I simply couldn't leave it at 9, it felt all wrong.

  6. You're probably right about the therapist. I have never been to one, but some days I'd really like to. I've been binge-watching "Being Erica" on Netflix, it's all about time travel therapy and I love the sessions they are having. :-)

  7. Yes, me too. Photos help a lot, but I want to get better about bringing them to life, not just having them sitting on the harddrive of my computer.
    Thanks so much for the compliment about my short hair, I got a bit sentimental when I found these pics. But I know that as soon as I cut my hair off I will want it long again. We always want what we don't have!

  8. Once in a while it's fun to dig deep inside yourself to see what's hidden inside there.
    I used to be a keener too, with Rich being the opposite, which caused a lot of fights in the first few years of our relationship. It's actually kinda nice to not stress about it so much any more! Much more relaxing :-)


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