Monday 22 June 2015

An ode to pie

What do you do when it's another gorgeous day out, you have your family come for dinner and you want to celebrate not only your husband as the loving father he is, but also summer's official beginning and International Yoga Day? Why, you combine all three and create a little oasis in your favourite spot in the world. 

Since I'm currently on a little staycation with lots of free time on my hands, I decided to create an al fresco dining spot under the willow tree. 
Not only is this the place were we like most to put our feet up and relax, it is also one of my regular yoga spots.  

Roses from our garden.

 This quiche is to die for, everybody at last night's dinner said so. I got the recipe from the lovely Jenny from Jen+eric Generation. Try it! You won't regret it, I promise. 

We had a delicious dinner consisting of the aforementioned quiche, green salad, greek pasta salad and a quinoa salad (because I'm hipster like that). 

Dessert was the most incredible, famous-around-here Krause Farms Berry Custard Pie: A heavenly fresh pie piled high with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, all sitting on a rich, creamy custard filling. 

It's the kinda pie you forget to take pictures of because you can't wait to dig in.
The kinda pie you don't even mind gaining weight for, because it's so absolutely, totally worth it.
It's the kinda pie that makes you believe in unicorns, miracles and justice in the world. 
The kinda pie that you would request as a last meal, and die with a smile on your face.  (Too far? I got carried away, sorry about that.)
But seriously: BEST PIE EVER.   

Donald came for a while and had some pie crust as well (he concurs with my accolades), and of course we had the dog babies there. They are family.
It was a very relaxing, great evening with good food and conversation.

Welcome summer!

How was your weekend?



  1. BrieAnne Merwin22 June 2015 at 12:39

    OMG I know exactly what you mean about that pie! I don't even particularly like pie (but who are we kidding- if it's there, I'll eat it) but that one is to.die.for. Also that is the cutest table set up ever!!

  2. That sounds amazing! I want some pie right now!

    It's kind of funny, but the only time I really like pie is in the summer. Although I don't say no to pumpkin during the holidays. But I feel like a good fruity pie is perfect for the summertime.

  3. Omg, what a lovely dinner you pulled off here. I insist, this is so Pinterest-worthy!! Where did you got the inspiration? So lovely!

  4. Love the set up! This is like a dream for me :)

  5. Thanks BrieAnne! ❤ I'm like you, not the biggest pie fan in the world (but yes, I'll totally eat it when it's there), but that one is special. And with all the berries on it, I can almost convince myself that it's health food!

  6. Yes, it totally is. There is something about sitting outside, summer smells in the air and sun on your skin that makes pie taste extra delicious!

  7. Thank you! I saw those lanterns at a dollar store for $2.00 each and designed the whole set-up around it. I'm pretty sure that subconsciously I've seen something similar on Pinterest before!

  8. For me, too! Whenever I get motivated to decorate something I wonder why I don't so it more often. So much fun!

  9. Miriam this is so dreamy!! What a lovely setting, you did a really good job on that table! I can't believe you didn't get us a picture of that pie :0 Guess you will have to get another one for pictures :)

  10. Oh my goodness, that might be the most beautiful al fresco dining area I've ever seen! And that pie sounds had me at unicorns! (who am I kidding, you had me at "pie")

  11. What a perfect evening and setting! I want to come to your next al fresco dining party.

  12. What a lovely dinner party you had!

  13. I like your thinking! "It's for the blog" - haha, love it.
    I think Pinterest has taken over my subconscious and guided me in decorating that table! That's what happens when you have too much time on your hands ;-)

  14. Thank you Jayda! This is not just any old pie - it's the king of pies, pie for people who hate pie, the pie of your dreams. Honestly, I'm still not doing its deliciousness justice.

  15. You're welcome anytime! :-)

  16. It was really nice, thank you!


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