Wednesday 7 March 2018


My morning started with spilled coffee and Nutella on my car seat.
And on my coat.
And on my hands.
And on my face.
Nutella everywhere!
Not an ideal way to start the day – but then again, there are worse ways.

It also started with a kickass sunrise.
And -11 degrees.
A dog licking my hands.
And another one puking up the plastic he pulled out of the garbage yesterday.

It started with a 6am-phone call about how noisy the geese are. (It’s mating season, they are hella loud). Rich conceded to sell a few! #downsizingonebirdatatime
It also started with making plans with our friends to meet up later today after their 5-week vacay.

It started with a hot shower in the dark (dark showers are wonderful – try it!).
And with the good soreness after a stretchy yoga session the day before.
It started with being recognized by a man I never met before (small towns, what can I say).
And with the appreciation, once again, of how much I love where I am.

This morning, with the chocolate and dark shower and sunrise and 6am-phone call and puking dog and licking dog and being greeted by name by strangers and making plans with new friends – this morning was wonderful. Messy, imperfect, and wonderful. Just like life.



  1. I love this! You are so right - life is beautifully messy. The mess helps us appreciate the beautiful stuff, right?

    1. Turns out, the mess IS the beautiful stuff.


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