Sunday 18 March 2018

5 Years of Blogging

On March 15th was this blog's 5th birthday! 🎉 Anyone who knows me knows that there are few things I love more than recaps. Looking back at the previous year, be it around a birthday or New Year's, is something I enjoy thoroughly. How else can you appreciate everything that's been happening in your life? Taking the time to reflect and practice gratitude are the best ways to realize how good we have it.

When I think back to 5 years ago, it's crazy how much has changed. On the outside, I had a few big changes: selling our house and moving to our dream place; quitting my job without having a new one lined upgrowing my hair out (and pondering to go grey); getting serious about writing; Rich getting Lyme Disease.
But I think the bigger changes are the ones that happened internally. I learnt that it's okay to cut toxic people out of your life; that nobody has life figured out, we're all just pretending we do; that everybody carries around their own baggage, invisible to others, but at times so heavy for us that we are in danger of collapsing under it. I learnt that being kind to yourself and others, of laughing at life's unpredictable jokes, and of enjoying the good with reckless abandon are the best way to live.

For you left-brainers out there, here are a few numbers:
907 published blog posts
over 738,000 page views  (that's more than double from last year, meaning I got more page views in the past year than in the first 4 years combined!)
Most popular post of the last 12 months: Thankful (893 page views)

I do a recap every year, here are the ones for year 432, and 1.
In March I started painting the walls of our new home, and before I settled on a colour I was lost in a confusion of colours. But it was worth it, because I ended up with the pink bedroom of my dreams!
I also blogged about a crazy day on the farm, where the animals once again showed me who's boss (hint: it's not me). 
A post that takes on a new special meaning is Wild and free, where I have my first yoga session of the year outside. 

Most popular post of the month: Finding your style (237 page views)

April felt like the month where we really started to settle in our new home. We hired a few guys to do a proper fence around our property, we started to build aviaries and chicken houses, and I fell in love with my job in a small-town hospital. We got to know more people in our community, and we were pleased as punch with life. 

Most popular post of the month: About Body Positivity (750 page views)

After a snow-filled winter, the sudden appearance of warm weather caused major flooding in wide parts of the interior of BC. One memorable Sunday, we were cut off from town due to the bridge being flooded. Thankfully, it was reopened the same day; but many houses were damaged by the flood, and a fire chief was tragically swept away by the wild waters, his body not found until 3 weeks later.

In happier news, our life was filled with people, and to my utter astonishment, I loved it, as documented in this post: Have I accidentally become social?

Most popular post of the month: Yoga with goats - do you want to try? (385 page views)

My mother-in-law visited, and as per usual, it was a mixed blessing. She's an opiniated lady, and her opinion of how we do things isn't always the best ... but despite that, we had some fun times, and I'm grateful that Rich still has his mom. Not many 63-year olds can say that!
At the end of June, I flew to Amsterdam and took a train to Paris, where I was meeting my sister for a girls-/sistertrip. Despite having flown between Germany and Canada countless times over the last 15 years, I was apprehensive, and I wrote about it (on the train to Paris!) in this post: Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Most popular post of the month: The cure for everything (325 page views)

Three big things happened in July: I went to Paris to meet my sister; while I was in Germany, my grandma died, but I got to say goodbye; and I finished my book.

I came home to a new dog, wrote a post about the secret to happiness, and our beautiful province was on fire.
It was a bitter-sweet month.

Most popular post of the month: Book update (294 page views)

I started a new series on the blog: Boss Women. I was inspired by the incredibly strong and kick-ass women in my life, the ones who do it despite the fear, who work hard and are not afraid to get up when they've been knocked down. You inspire me daily.
I also found a publisher for my book, Mascot Books!

Most popular post of the month: Boss Women: Janice (624 page views)

At the time, September was just another month. It was the month where Murphy was born; where we went to our first rodeo in our new town; where Rich went away to Germany for 3 weeks; where it was still hot and sunny, but with a hint of fall in the air.
In hindsight, September was the month where our life started to turn upside-down. It was the month where Rich got sick, and the beginning of the longest and worst winter of our lives.

Most popular post of the month: Boss Women: Liz (401 page views)

While we had no idea what was wrong with him (we thought it's some bad arthritis pain), the clouds started to come in. I tried to find joy in the things I love: lots of nature walks with the dogs (the fall colours were spectacular), lots of Netflix, lots of gratitude. As someone who always needs something to look forward to, I decided on a new project for the spring: getting myself a she shed!
(We hope to begin next month!)

Most popular post of the month (and the year): Thankful (893 page views)

On November 2, winter arrived with a bang. It snowed a ton, and unbeknownst to us, the snow would stick around until March.
We still had no idea what mystery illness Rich had, and I called it a particularly bad man cold, a statement that makes me now cringe with shame. (I was a jerk. But I didn't know! Sorry!!)
On a happier note, I went to Vancouver Island for a long weekend for my friend's stagette, and we had a ton of fun. This was only possible thanks to our awesome neighbours, who did most of the chores for Rich. I love them 💓
And then the best part of November happened: I wrote about a highly embarrassing thing that I did, which prompted a reader comment that would change our lives. Seriously. I will never not be grateful for that.

Most popular post of the month: You are not responsible for other people's opinions (405 page views)

I wrote a letter to myself on my birthday, chronicling my entire life's story. I wasn't kidding when I said that I'm all over reflections and recaps! December is never easy for me, and this one was no exception, if for different reasons. Again, I tried to find little pockets of happiness, like these happiness-inducing Instagram accounts.
But then, we received our very own Christmas miracle in the form of a diagnosis, at long last. That made our December.  

Most popular post of the month: A Christmas miracle (418 page views)

As much as I don't like January, one thing I do like about it: on January 10th is our wedding anniversary and my anniversary of coming to Canada (yes, they happened on the same day, 2 years apart). I always write a post dedicated to our marriage, and this year's is titled It just keeps getting better. Because it does. 💓 
The intense emotional roller coaster I was on inspired me to start a new monthly series: Best (and worst) of. It never hurts to remember the good stuff amidst chaos and turmoil.

Most popular post of the month: One month post diagnosis (487 page views)

Last month I wrote about my husband's mistress, shared some inspiration for my she shed, and got some solid advice from my mom

Most popular post of the month: My husband's mistress (478 page views)

But little by little, with spring being here and Rich being better and everything we have worked for slowly coming together, I'm emerging from the fog. More bruised than before, but also stronger. We truly are tougher than we think we are.

Most popular post of the month: 5 reasons why I love my small town (262 page views)

I have loved this blog since the day I created it. It has helped me so much in my life: it helped me find my voice, my passion, and my goal in life. 
But by far the most important part is this: it may have literally saved my husband's life. Lyme Disease is rarely fatal, but there have been cases where people died of it: our doctor told us that 2 people died  of Lyme Disease in Kelowna in 2017, a city less than 2 hours away from us. At the rate he declined, we have no idea where it would have ended, and we are beyond grateful that we didn't have to find out. 

Blogging has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Thank you all for being part of this journey. 

Love, Miriam



  1. Wow, 5 years! You have built a great blog and you've accomplished so much during this time. I like that I was there from the actual beginning :D Even though I stopped blogging myself, I've never stopped reading your blog and it's been so fun to follow along. To another 5 years and to health and happiness and growth!

    1. Oh D, it's so nice to hear from you! Yes, you were my very first blog friend, and you truly have been there for it all. I'm so honored that you're still reading after all this time! I would have never thought that I'd still be blogging after 5 years, but I can't seem to stop myself ;-)
      Thanks for being part of my blog family!

  2. Miriam - I'm so happy that I discovered your blog and you through dog photos on the internet! You honestly and vulnerability is so refreshing and I can't wait to click through and catch up on the posts I missed. Congrats on 5 years! Also, what a coincidence, my 5 year blog-iversary is this year too! I think it's in May : )

    1. That's amazing, congrats on your anniversary too Tori! Your blog is incredible, you're one of the few I follow who went big, and it's so inspiring to see!
      Blogging is a funny thing, but it truly changed my life for the better, as it has no doubt for you as well.
      Thank you for following along and being a part of it!

  3. Congratulations on 5 years and all of your success (event those dips are successes in my mind, because you got through them.)! I'm so happy I found you!!

    1. I am too, because that's how I found you! There aren't enough storytelling bloggers out there in my opinion, and I'm always excited to meet new ones. Like you! Fashion- and How to-bloggers are fine and I enjoy their beautiful photos, but nothing is better than reading well-told stories. So thank you for finding me!

  4. Congrats on five years! You sure have had an eventful year this time around.

    1. Haha yes, it was anything but boring! I'm curious to see what the next 12 months will bring :-)

  5. Congrats on five years! I have loved watching your blog grow and can't wit to see where you are at in another 5 years. xoxo

    1. Haha same here! I have a few ideas where I want to be, but only time will tell if it's going to happen. I can't wait to see where YOU will be in 5 years! I have a feeling you will have turned all your dreams into reality by then ...


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