Sunday 25 March 2018

Good news all around

It's Sunday afternoon, and we've just spent an hour moving massive, 600-lb hay bales around. Before that, I loaded up the pick-up truck with garbage for a dump run. Not having a garbage pick-up at our place is one of those things that other people might find inconvenient, but that I find quaint. It's so rustic! So rural! For a declutter-enthusiast, it's a cathartic and cleansing ritual, and the frugal part in me rubs her hands with glee every time I remember that I used to pay $30/month for garbage pick-up, and now I pay maybe $5. It's the little things, guys, it's all about the little things. 

In other news, the snow is almost gone! (The above picture is from last weekend.) We are in this barren, in-between state where spring hasn't quite sprung yet, the white is all gone, and nature is mostly brown and a bit desolate looking; but I fricking LOVE it. It's so easy to walk again! No sinking into knee-deep snow drifts, no risking limb and life on treacherous ice, no being exhausted after 5 minutes because every step is hard work. Life is easy again! 

I spent the last few days with my new best friends Bobby, Kamaro, Antoni, Jonathan and Tan, aka "The Fab Five" from Queer Eye, aka the best feel-good-show on Netflix right now. It's such a beautiful, heart-warming, positive show, even if you have sworn off reality TV like I did (or thought I did), you have to watch it. Have to. It's non-negotiable. 

Not only are they kind, funny, supportive and stylish as hell, but they are all about being kind to yourself and making the best of what you have. They make over more than just the men's wardrobe, house, food and styling regimen - they help them find their confidence, value and worthiness. From what I've read, everybody who has watched them feels the same way I do, which just proves once again: kindness is badass. Helping others find themselves is worthwhile. And being well-dressed and taking care of yourself has nothing to do with being vain, and everything to do with feeling good. We can only do good if we feel good, and that's why it's so important to put our own well-being on top of the list. 
These guys are good for your soul, for your self-esteem, and for your sense of style - so please, go ahead and watch them! I guarantee that you won't regret it.  

The other super-exciting news is that my sister is coming to visit us this June! We've done a few sister trips over the last few years (we've been to London a few years back, and went to Paris last year), and we had discussed going to Barcelona this year. However, it didn't feel right, and when I asked her if she would like to come here instead and be my first guest in my she shed, she said yes. I'm thrilled!!! We have planned some ATVing, horseback-riding, boating, a couple city trips, a huge party (Rich's birthday happens while she's here), and just lots and lots of sister time. 💓 

Last good news:
We have a release date for my book!!! Get out your calendars, babes, and mark down June 5.
That's when my memoir Let's Pretend This Is Normal is finally coming out!!!!!!

For now, you can pre-order my book here
But if you want to wait a little bit longer, I will have an exclusive, limited event right here, where I will sell a few of my signed books, with a little surprise, for a special price!
Stay tuned for more ~soon~!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a kick-ass week babes!

xoxo Miriam



  1. I LOVE the new Queer Eye! I actually cried watching some of the episodes, and I'm not a "cry while watching TV" kind of person. So good!

    I'm going to wait and try to order a copy of your book straight from you!!

    1. That's fantastic, thanks Emily!! I'm over the moon excited for them to arrive, it will hopefully be soon after Easter! I'll keep you posted.

      I cried too during Queer Eye, it's such an emotional show! I wish there were more seasons, I have serious withdrawal.

  2. I’ll have to try Queer Eye. It sounds great.

    Yay for a date on your book! How exciting. You should make a paper link chain or something to countdown. :)

    1. Oohh, I like that idea! I think I will! It's 71 days, I calculated that this morning 🤗

      Watch Queer Eye, you'll love it! The boys announced on Instagram (I follow them, that's how much I adore them) that there is going to be a second season on Netflix! Sometimes, all our dreams DO come true 😉😂

  3. I used to watch Queer Eye years ago and was sad when it ended. I will have to check this one out!!

    1. I never watched the original series, but I'm seriously OBSESSED with this one. I follow all the guys on Insta to get my daily #Fab5 fix! (That's what they call themselves. I love them!)


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