Thursday 20 June 2013

10 things I love about summer

Tomorrow is officially the first day of summer! Weee!!
Unfortunately, it is raining today and also supposed to rain tomorrow. But that's no reason not to celebrate it anyway!

Lately I have seen these lists pop up all over the internet about what people love about summer. Fun! I decided to join in and present to you my own list. I love summer so that one was easy!

In no particular order:

1.Painted toenails and sandals
2. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds

3. Sunbathing in the backyard 
 4. Peacock amidst flowering bushes and green trees

 5. Summer cocktails

6. Doing cartwheels
7. Frozen treats
8. Going camping

9. Campfires (obviously)

 10. Watching the sun transform my baby into a sparkling otherworldly creature   

What do you love about summer?

xo Miriam

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