Monday 3 June 2013

A June afternoon

We spent a lovely afternoon yesterday doing what we like best: soaking up the sun, hanging out with the dogs, watching the ducks and geese and peacocks.
There is also a cute story here: Our three peahens all laid eggs recently and were sitting on them. Richard took them away and put them in the incubator to make sure they hatch out. (He really wants some peacock babies.)
Our white peahen must have felt dissatisfied without her eggs, because she adopted our little group of goslings! She's with them wherever they go, watches out for them, talks to them (a sort of clucking sound). So cute!

Mommy is there, watching out for her adopted babies

Even though it looks like Bear wants to eat them, he doesn't. He just yawned.

Another peahen
It was a golden, sun-filled day.
How was your Sunday?

xo Miriam

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