Saturday 15 June 2013


Happy Saturday!

In the tradition of celebrating little milestones I present to you another one: my blog baby is 3 months old today! I have settled in quite nicely now - euphoria and despair have given way to a calmer, filled with inner peace blogging routine. I'm really happy.
This passion is here to stay it seems, and I love it!

The pictures I share with you today seem strange for a celebration: they are all about fog. But I find fog beautiful: mysterious and mythical. You wouldn't be surprised to see a unicorn come out of a foggy forest, right? It creates a fairy tale atmosphere and gives you delicious shivers up and down your spine!

They are all taken with my phone which makes them a bit grainy, which in this case is even better! Can you spy the unicorn?

This one is thrown in for some colour.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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