Wednesday 26 June 2013

Summer celebrations

Phew, the last few days have been crazy! (Well, crazy for me at least - I usually work and hang out on the farm and that's pretty much it.)
Let me break it down:

I went to a friend's summer solstice party. Below: the outfit. Please pay particular attention to the hair - I straightened it! All by myself! Since I'm severely challenged when it comes to hair styling, this alone was cause for celebration.
It had been cloudy and rainy all day, and then right at five when the party started - bam, sunshine! Awesome. We had a delicious BBQ, cool drinks, met new people, shared a few laughs. Good times!
A friend and I also stole away for an hour for a nice long walk and chat, checking out the moon action (I think it was a full moon - fullish for sure).
After I came home from work (I worked in between parties! *pat myself on the back*), we got ready to go to the second event of the weekend: the housewarming of a work colleague. We spent a fun couple of hours there, admiring their amazing new house and munching on appetizers, then we dashed off to Richard's (pre-)birthday dinner.
A Schnitzel and Thai chicken later, we headed to - oh, anyone who even remotely knows Richard will have guessed it already - the legion.

We had a birthday drink, danced a bit to the country music band (not great, but not too shabby either), and then called it a day.
The actual birthday. And a day off! Double whammy awesomeness.
It was a day filled with cleaning (I scrubbed the bathtub to a shine and cleaned out the fridge - you all know how satisfying that is, right?? Felt so proud!), cooking, and birthday celebration. Which in our case obviously included strawberry pie and a roaring campfire. Which we started in the rain, optimistically hoping that the rain would stop. And it did! (Surprise twist there hehe.)
Richard's friend Daniel came and stayed the night (well, actually two nights, more to that in a bit), and we all got very merry. It was an awesome birthday night!! 

Birthday boy
I have no idea how I did this, but I dig the fire between them.
Strawberry pie
 Cuddles with Dancer
A couple of farmers with a couple of dogs
 Celebration fire

The morning after. You all know how that one goes. Slow.
Leisurely breakfast, lots of talking. Which resulted in Daniel missing his bus so he ended up staying another night.
It was a crazy morning: People dropping in left, right and centre, dropping off chickens and guinea pigs. Lots of tea and coffee was consumed. More chattering.
Then another surprise guest came, a friend from Cranbrook, staying the night as well.
It was a crazy three days, but oh so lovely. Really enjoyed having all these houseguests.
We had great, uplifting, inspiring conversations. Looking at things from a fresh, different perspective.
Thanks for the visit friends!
 Empty beds, our houseguests are gone.
xo Miriam


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  1. you look so good in the first picture! that is an awesome dress and your hair looks really nice ^^

    sounds like you had a fun couple of days! :D


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