Thursday 2 April 2015

Style: Lunch date

Lately we have been going on more dates, and I love it. Today we decided to hop over the border to the States to buy some cheese (for Rich) and have lunch together. I use any excuse I can to dress up a bit, and I had been waiting for an opportunity to wear my new favourite dress: a coral lace number I snapped up for $19.99. Winners is great! The colour reminds me simultaneously of Easter eggs and beach vacations, and it makes me happy just looking at it. Every woman needs a feel-good dress, don't you agree? 

 I get reaaally excited about food.

 Can I tell you a secret? It looks better than it tasted. It was all quite greasy yet bland, which is kinda difficult to do - isn't fat usually delicious? Not in this case. 

 This is my "I'm embarrassed to take photos in public"-face.

Dress: Winners (similar); cardigan: Joe Fresh (old; cute blazer alternative ); booties: Target (similar); bag: gift (Call It Spring) (similar and on sale!)

Spontaneous dates are the best!
Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter!



  1. What a cute dress! I love it and it looks so good on you - I instantly think "happy dress, happy person"! Haha I think it's so neat that you guys are going on dates and hey, if you have any tips to throw me on how to get A date, that would be fantastic :)
    ~ Samantha

  2. Omg, Miriam! I love your dress. That color is so pretty :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. Screw the happy dress, for some reason that polka dot sweater allllllways makes me smile :)
    Looking great!

  4. Aww, you're so pretty! Love this outfit idea. I also always take any good excuse to dress up, even the supermarket is the best excuse to wear my new lipstick! Happy Easter Miriam, hope there are lots of good food this time!

  5. Spontaneous dates are the best! I love your new dress. You look fabulous! Happy Easter!

  6. I wish I had any dating tips, but I was always horrible at it. All the boyfriends I had before Rich were friends first, boyfriends later - I don't have any experience in "dating" a la Sex and the City. Sorry! And you know the story of how I met my husband - very unusual and sort of date-free. You are such a cute and pretty girl, I have no doubt in my mind that any guy you feel like asking out will be honored and happy to say yes!

  7. Thanks Abby! I'm so happy I found it, it's definitely a new fave.

  8. Polka dots for the win! I adore this little cardigan too, too bad Joe Fresh doesn't have it any more. I feel a bit like Minnie Mouse whenever I wear it, and who doesn't want to be a Disney character once in a while? ;-)

  9. Thanks Mary! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  10. Dressing up makes ordinary days just a bit more special, and makes us feel prettier. Nothing wrong with that! Since we have to wear clothes anyway, why not have fun with it?
    Have a wonderful Easter Isabel!

  11. Thanks Dawn Lucy! We went to Lynden, WA, which is a little Dutch-inspired town, it's neat - windmills everywhere!
    Happy Easter!

  12. My name is Miriam, and I'm a - cheeseaphobe. It is my weirdest character trade, I know! I've always disliked it, and can't explain why. There are only 2 exceptions: mozzarella (yummy!) and pizza. I love pizza with all my heart, cheese and everything! The human being is a strange creature haha!
    Happy Easter Amy!! May it be filled with cheesy and chocolatey goodness, and all drinks again!

  13. The dress is SO cute!!! Yay for dates!! When I worked, P would come downtown and take me on lunch dates at least once a month, it was a fun way to break up the work week. We still try to go out for during the week lunch once a month. Sorry the meal wasn't so great, I hate when that happens.

  14. Breaking up the dull workweek with spontaneous dates is lovely. Do you sometimes surprise P at his work and take him out, or is that not possible?

  15. No, I don't really surprise him. Almost half is day is usually meetings so he is pretty scheduled and I want to make sure he has time to go :) Planning is just easier.

  16. Makes sense. Eek, meetings, sounds like not much fun. Good thing you two have such a wonderful hobby - eating and drinking is a great reward!


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