Tuesday 7 April 2015

Spring on the farm + Let's grow together {Link-up #14}

Did you all have a lovely Easter weekend?
Ours was like this:
Saturday, I worked.
Sunday, I deep-cleaned the entire house like a crazy person, because we had guests coming on Monday. Rich cleaned and tidied everything outside. It took us all day.
Monday I spent all morning fretting and prepping, then we had a great time with our guests around the campfire and with a dinner consisting of salmon, glazed carrots, roasted spring vegetables, rice and wine.
And today I basically needed the day to recuperate from it. I love having guests over, but I'm always exhausted on the day after. Totally worth it though!

Last week I took you on an adventure into the desert, so I thought this week we stay home. Spring has truly arrived, all the leaves are coming out in full force! Blossoms, flowers, bees and butterflies are everywhere, and the animals are loving the mild, sunny weather.
Here are some snaps from the farm lately:
Kuvasz dog
Loving the attention
Do they look angry to you? They are actually just hangry.
My loves. 
Hi Mr. Peacock!
We caught this friendly little guy yesterday when we had a campfire, he hopped out from under the wood. Briefly we considered making him a home in an aquarium in the house, but then didn't have the heart. He now lives in the little pond on the deck - or, more likely, escaped back into the wild. 
Tulip close-up.
Posing nicely. 
A rare moment of rest.

Has spring arrived where you live? 

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  1. So pretty! Well in theory it did, but it has been sunny,windy and with 10 s of snow. So crazy! Love the pictures, bet things are blooming beautifully!

  2. Love these pictures!!! That last one is too cute :) It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, Miriam!! (I just can't believe it's already come and gone!! Where is this year going?!)
    ~ Samantha

  3. The frog is so cute - I love little frogs! So glad you had a nice easter! Nice to see spring is coming!

  4. I'm so glad that you had a great Easter!! You know, even if it was spent working and cleaning, at least you had great company come Monday!!

  5. How lovely!! I love the photos of all the animals, of course. I'm glad you guys had a nice - albeit BUSY - weekend!

  6. We did! As much as I hate cleaning, I do love a clean house. If t would only stay that way! No luck though with a shedding machine disguised as sweet little corgi in the house lol

  7. Very true. We had a fun time! Plus, the house and farm look spick-and-span for once :-)

  8. He has since escaped into the wild. Too bad, but who can blame him - we have hundreds in our back field, and he probably wanted to join his family again. They give us the most beautiful croak-concert every night, the surest sign that spring is here!

  9. Tell me about it! It seems we have reached the age where time slips through our finger at an alarming speed. Slooooww dooowwwn, time!

  10. Me, too! We should have kept him.

  11. They are, it's lovely! Almost warm enough to break out shorts and dresses - exciting!!

  12. Just beautiful Miriam, as usual!

  13. I had great models to work with ;-)

  14. Love your farm pictures! I feel like you have a rare piece of heaven down there. Spring has definitely sprung here too. My brother got the pool open and ready for summer last weekend. Now if only it was a tad warmer. So close though.

  15. Oohh, you got access to a pool? I need that! Totally perfect.
    We love our farm a lot, it's my favourite place in the world. Thanks for saying that! ❤


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