Friday 18 December 2015

Style: Thoughts and a sparkle dress

This has been the most bizarre week. I was sick and had to discuss some bedroom details with a doctor I work with (that was a fun experience). Then I released my first book, got the most wonderful feedback and encouragement (thanks you guys!!!), and have been in hiding ever since. 

In case you're wondering why, let me tell you that my emotions have been all over the place this week. They range from elated to quite gloomy, with everything in between. I have been happy, snappy, and sometimes quite crappy. 
(You see what I did there? Rhyming like a boss!)
I guess it comes with the territory. I'm far away from my comfort zone, and naturally it's uncomfortable out here. I'm winging this thing, figuring it out as I go along, as is my deal, and feel quite unsure of myself. 

But then I remind myself of my word of 2016, BRAVE, and that it would be way too easy to be brave when the waters are calm. They are not exactly choppy either, far from it - I would describe them as murky. I have no idea where this is going, so I'm a bit* scared. 

*With a bit I mean scared shitless. 

But let's move on. Just wanted to keep it real for a moment. And you are all amazing, so this is not a not-so-subtle-invitation to coddle me and tell me how great I am! Just wanted to share my thoughts, because it always makes me feel better. And you know what? It's working already. I feel better!

The other thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on my face is sparkle. Come on, how can you feel down when your dress is twinkling at you? That's right, you can't. I bought this beauty last year for my 35th birthday party, and have worn it several times since. It's sparkly and comfy, which makes it almost perfect - if it had pockets, I would never take it off! Sadly, no pockets, but we can't all be perfect.

I paired it with this amazingly soft cardigan that one of my kids gave me for my birthday this year, which ties the birthday theme together nicely. It's called the "super soft waterfall cardigan", and for once this is not false advertising. It really is super soft! And look at its waterfall-y movement:

Cardigan: Mark's; dress: Luulla; necklace: ModCloth (no longer available; check out all these cute options); shoes: Payless (old; similar)

So much to be grateful for, that's for sure. I wouldn't be me if I didn't freak out a little. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with Christmas cheer! We have three parties this weekend, which is highly unusual and slightly scary for this introvert. Thank god for alcohol. 



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