Wednesday 23 December 2015

Your favourite posts of 2015

Happy Christmas Eve's eve! Just like last year, I took a look at all my posts to find out which ones you liked the best over the last 12 months.
If I would be any sort of analyst, I would sit down and try to crack the code for why these particular posts were doing well; but since I'm not, I'm just pleasantly surprised and intrigued. 

Okay, let's get started!


This was a psychological pop quiz about your path in life. WHICH IS WHAT MY BOOK IS ABOUT AND I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT UNTIL JUST NOW. Everything is connected. *Mind blown* 
Anyway, it told me that I hate to be bored and always question everything around me. Nailed it. 

It goes to show, money sells. This was basically the poor man's version of the popular game "what would you do with one million dollars?". Always a fun game to play!

Baring it all paid off! I showed my greasy roots, and you liked it. :-)


That was one of the articles I wrote for Thought Catalog. Having been in a relationship with a 25-years-older man for 13 years, I have a wealth of little stories how other people have reacted to us. A few of them I shared in this post. Thanks for liking it!

You guys love carbs as much as I do, don't ya!? I was thrilled to see that my beloved bread made it on the list. You are my people. 


I totally get why you guys were interested in this topic. Trying to figure out our path in life is one of the big questions we have to answer for ourselves, and one of the hardest ones. Even now, halfway through my thirties, I'm still struggling with this question. What I have learnt is that you will get completely overwhelmed if you try to create a plan for the entire rest of your life right now. Taking it one step and one day at a time is much easier. We are all in this together, and we will all find our way!

I have two theories why this post was popular: 
1) People like Downton Abbey (the new season is starting in 11 days!) or 
2) People like one-liners. It's anybody's guess which one pulled the page views in. 

yoga post made it into the top 3! You guys rock. Obviously it's all due to the dogs, because we know the real stars of the internet are cats and dogs. Whatever sells man, whatever sells. 

Gorillapod from Photojojo

This one surprised me a bit, until the thought crossed my mind that people googling photojojo (I'm on the first page on the bottom) may land on my page. Boom, it's true: The link to the post is on my Google+ page! A page I incidentally never update, which is something I should probably change. 

You guys made an outfit post your favourite! I love you so much for this, thank you! This was the second post of 2015, and it got the most hits. I did try to figure out why, despite lacking in the Sherlock Holmes-department, but I came up empty. So I'll stop questioning everything and simply enjoy it :)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, and supporting this blog. You are all rock stars and I love you!



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