Tuesday 29 December 2015

Time capsule

Have you ever buried a time capsule? I did it once, many years ago, in a period of my life where I was lost and confused. 
Except, instead of 'items from that time' you have to substitute 'angsty letter', and instead of 'sturdy container that will withstand the times' you have to substitute 'ziplock bag'. That was my poor excuse for a time capsule. I buried it somewhere in Wells Gray Provincial Park, and hope to God that nobody ever found it. 

So when I saw one of my favourite bloggers Amber put together a hypothetical time capsule for 2015, I thought that now is the time to redeem myself. 

Here are some items that represent 2015 for me:

1. My yoga mat 

2015 will always be the year for me where I fell in love with yoga. Having found an exercise that not only trains the body, but also the mind and soul, has become life-changing. It's been such a wild ride so far, and I can't wait to see where the yoga path will lead me. 

2. Our juicer

Introducing juicing into our life has been such a valuable and healthy lifestyle choice. I have never been the kind of person who whips up a smoothie in the morning, and never thought that we would stick to making fresh juice every single day. Alas, we have, for the past 8 months! I'm quite proud of (and surprised by) this achievement.
Rich lost 20 pounds through juicing, and I noticed a big difference in my skin and hair. I used to battle adult acne, and it has completely disappeared. My hair grew like a weed this year, resulting in the longest hair I've ever had! Juicing is definitely here to stay. For some recipe ideas, check out my juicing board on Pinterest

3. Nina

Good thing that my time capsule has air holes and provisions, because I also want to put our Blue Heeler Nina in it. 2015 will go down in family history as the year where we drove 2,500km for a new puppy, which turned out to be one of the best dogs we have ever had. She is 10.5 months old now, and as lively, loving and full of energy as you could ever ask for. Nina, you are a joy and a pleasure, and we love you!

4. Donald Duck

Remember Donald Duck? This year we adopted one of our ducklings and raised him as our own. We spent all summer with him, and saw him go from a fluffy, adorable little baby to awkward teenager, to a proud, grown-up duck - who turned out to be a woman. Donald Duck is a girl y'all! So it's really Donalda Duck. No worries Donalda, I have a mini-pond just for you in the time capsule, and told Nina not to eat you :)

5. This picture

The most memorable experience of the year was going to a dance temple on Salt Spring Island. It was so completely different from anything we have ever done before, I will never forget it. While I couldn't take any pictures of the actual event, this photo will always remind me of our crazy and unforgettable 26 hours in hippieville. 

6.  This outfit
We went to a few epic parties this year, and on two occasions I wore the above outfit. I am convinced that the dress has magic powers, because it manages to make me feel pretty and even - dare I say it? - sexy. The shoes have been my favourite clothing purchase of the year, because they are comfortable, awesome, and totally me.  

7. This book

Big Magic is a life-changing, incredible book that will literally change you. If you have always suspected that there are forces beyond our control out there, this book will turn you into a believer. I just started to read it for the second time, and I will keep reading it for the rest of my life. It is pure magic. 

8. Cirque du Soleil tickets

At the beginning of the month we went to see the Cirque du Soleil show Kooza. It was spectacular! One of my all-time favourite shows, I was completely enthralled. We don't go out to big events very often, so when we do it always feels very special.  The tickets definitely belong into the time capsule.

9. My scrapbook

For the first time in my life I completed a scrapbook for an entire year. I can hardly believe it! This (for me) incredible feat deserves a spot in the capsule.
About six months ago I decided that I wanted to free my poor photos from their phone and computer prisons and let them see the light of day. The obvious answer, of course, was a scrapbook. By keeping it extremely simple and un-fancy, I completed it just the other day, with a few slots left to fill up with a few Christmas photos.
I loved creating a tangible treasure chest for our memories, and will continue to scrapbook in 2016.

10. My book
2015 is the year where I published my first book. No matter if it succeeds or if it flops, the fact remains: I strung thousands of words together, figured out a way to make it look like a book, and put it on Amazon. It's crazy and scary and bewildering, just like life.

What would you put into your time capsule?

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