Thursday 23 June 2016

Little wonders

"Hey, want to see something special?" he asked me, his eyes shining. 
"Always!" I responded, and followed him.

He led me into our little jungle area. It's a fenced in enclosure that's so overgrown, the trees and shrubs form a canopy that keeps the light below dimmed, even in the middle of the day. 
Pigeons are flying overhead, pheasants dart around, and apparently, we had a new resident. 

He stopped, and pointed to a shrub in the corner. "Do you see her?", he whispered into my ear. I strained my eyes, trying to make out what he was pointing at in the shadows. It took me a few seconds to adjust to the gloom, and then I saw it: A little bird, sitting on a nest, her tiny head anxiously tilted upwards, looking at us apprehensively. As we slowly approached, she apparently decided that we were too close for comfort, and flew off. 

This is what she left behind:

Nightingale eggs

Four perfect, beautiful eggs!
We only stayed for a few seconds, knowing that mama nightingale was watching us anxiously, worried for her eggs' safety. 
Then we retreated, but not before I managed to take a quick picture. Aren't they absolutely wonderful?

Rich showing me this little nest was the end to a beautiful day yesterday. 

In the morning, we embarked on a special adventure: Our friends Senga and Jeff invited us to a flight in their little Cessna. I have never flown in a small plane before, so naturally I was beyond excited!

Here she (are planes female, like ships? I have no idea) is:

Off to an adventure
Inside of the Cessna

It was a four-seater, no bigger than a small car!

The boys were sitting in the front, the ladies in the back. After we were buckled in and the headsets adjusted, off we went!

Coast Mountains

We flew over the Coast Mountains to Mt. Baker, enchanted by the magnificent view. It's a somewhat unsettling feeling, flying in such a tiny machine, which felt more like a flying car than a plane. But it also made me feel much closer to nature, separated only by a thin layer of - well, whatever planes are made of. It was a fantastic experience!

Obviously, I had to make a short little video to remember the experience by.  

Thank you, Jeff and Senga, for an unforgettable experience!


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