Sunday 5 June 2016

Self love

Things I have learnt this week:

Some people are good at painting. I'm not one of them. I've been stuck in a self-induced kitchen cupboard-painting hell for the last week, and I'm most decidedly not loving it. I blame the crafty ladies from A Beautiful Mess, who make DIY look so fun and easy! It's not. In a desperate attempt to get the f*@#$%ing job done I have broken all the painting rules, resulting in hinges covered so thick in paint that the doors are hard to close, and cute little "noses" (aka paint blops) scattered all over the cupboards. Deep sigh. I keep telling myself that perfection is overrated, and from far away they don't look all that bad. 

Trying to drown your painting sorrows in too much wine is a bad idea. It will make you more maudlin and depressed, adding to your sorrows. So I've decided to embark upon a 30-day wine detox (aka no wine for 30 days), which I started yesterday. So far, it's going swimmingly! Let's talk again in a week though, it may be a different story then. 

Foregoing your yoga practice in favour of home renovations will result in a deep feeling of dissatisfaction, internal imbalance, and the imagined (or real?!) sensation of muscles wasting away. Some habits should have priority above all else, and my yoga practice is one of them. As soon as I've finished writing this post, I'll head out for a good, long practice!

Old habits die hard: I had to strongly fight the urge to head out and buy myself some happiness this week. This was my old coping mechanism, and I gravitated towards it again. However, I resisted, because I know that it won't solve the problem. So I contented myself with online window shopping, which has almost the same effect. Almost.

On the bright side, decluttering is delicious. I combed through all our cupboards and found a ton of old, expired medication. I gathered it all up and brought it to our pharmacist, who took them back to dispose of them in the correct manner. There were pills that had expired ten years ago! Getting them out of the house felt cleansing.
I also had a festive fire a few days ago where I burnt a heap of old papers: School notes from seven years ago, old notebooks filled with gibberish, calendars from years ago that I had kept for unknown reasons. Fires make me happy, and when they get rid of a ton of paper you don't need? Double-whammy of happiness.

When friends spontaneously invite you for a BBQ, you abandon your depressing Saturday night plans (i.e. painting - are you getting tired of reading incessantly of my painting misadventures? Trust me, I am) and go. It will give you an opportunity to wear your favourite maxi dress, to laugh and have fun for a few hours, and to eat delicious food.

Not participating in the blogging world (i.e. blogging, reading blogs, commenting on them, and responding to comments) will make you grouchy. So take the time and do it, silly girl! Which is what I'm doing right now. Sorry if I haven't responded to your comments yet, I will rectify this today!

Self love means being kind to yourself. Doing the things that make you happy, and not feeling guilty for taking the time to do them. I often think I have this self love thing figured out, but then have a relapse. Let's all pledge to ourselves to be gentle, patient and kind to us!

We deserve it.

Happy Sunday!


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