Wednesday 1 June 2016

Best of May

Hi June!
Are you as excited about summer as I am? Summer is my favourite season, because it's just so effortless and fun! In the summer we live outside pretty much 90% of the time, only coming in to sleep, eat, and to have the occasional shower. My feet are perpetually dirty, my hair thrown into a careless bun, and we hang out with the dogs, horses and sheep all day as a hairy, slobbery and happy family. It's fantastic.

Before we move forward, let's take a look back to May, shall we? It was a bit of a mixed bag, with lots of happy things, and a tiny meltdown in the middle. Overall it was a great month, and I thought I would share a few of my favourite moments, okay?

The beginning of the month was spent in Germany, where I had gone for a super-short visit to see the family. Whenever I'm there I seem to lose the ability to take pictures, and this time was no different. I did manage to take a few short videos, and assembled them into a short, extremely incomplete account of my days there.

We had several dinners and/or drinks with friends and family, which is always fun! 

We also officially opened our willow tree season by installing my beloved hammock:

For Rich I brought out our ancient rocking chair, that we hadn't used in years. Now we utilize it every day, simultaneously fulfilling my front porch/rocking chair fantasy. It may not be a front porch, but it has all the other elements I always dreamed of: Pups, sunsets, my beloved next to me, good conversation and a tasty beverage.

In the middle of the month I took my furry grandchild Roxanne on a trip to Bowen Island to visit one of our kids. It was a wonderful day with yet another woefully inadequate video.

The biggest event was definitely the arrival of a new family member: Tom Snow, our new dog. 

After Snowy's death we knew that we wanted another big, white dog who guards the property and us. Tom Snow was not the one who was supposed to come to us; it was actually his mother. But through a series of events, after a 3,000 km journey and Tom falling head over heels in love with Rich (a feeling I can relate to), he ended up being the one to join the family.  

Wouldn't you know it, he has all the makings to turn into one of the best dogs we've ever had. He has been with us only a little over two weeks, but we both have fallen completely in love with him.  

Have you ever seen the movie Beerfest? It's completely ridiculous, and the kids and I love it. 
There's a scene where one of the main characters - Landfill - dies, and shortly after his long-lost brother suddenly shows up, looking and acting exactly like Landfill. One of the characters says: "He's like Landfill, only better!"

That's a bit how we feel about Tom Snow. He's not better than Snowy (obviously), but he's such a loving, affectionate and remarkable dog, I can't quite believe how attached to him we have become - and he to us. It was meant to be.  

Other things that happened in May: Our family doctor retired, and we met his replacement. She is young, super-nice, and we are so relieved that our beloved former doctor found such a wonderful person to take over his practice. Family physicians are in short supply around here, and we really lucked out with our old one. Looks like the lucky streak continues with the new doctor!

As always, I filmed a second a day, and the video is right here:

And I selfied last night after a fun pizza night with friends:

That was May. 

Today and the next three days I am painting our kitchen cupboards, which is a project I have been wanting to do for the last several years, but procrastinated on because it's such a pain-in-the-ass job. 
Well, it has to happen now, since I bought all the supplies, cleaned the cupboards and started sanding. 
This is what they look like now:

Stay tuned for the After-pics!

How was you May?


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