Sunday 26 June 2016

The day Voldemort returned

So much has happened in the last few days!
Let's do a re-cap, shall we?

1. I finished Orange Is the New Black
Guys, I was a wreck. If you have finished watching the 4th season, then you know why. If you haven't yet, buckle your seat belts: You are in for one helluva wild ride. This season was the best one yet, because it tackles an important topic: Black lives matter. I don't want to give anything away, but I beg you: Watch it!

The genius of Jenji Cohan is that she has managed not to idolize prisoners, but humanize them. By telling their stories of how they ended up in prison, you realize that some people are getting a shittier card in life than others.
Where you grow up, what sort of parents you have, the school you go to - it's all a crapshoot. Some of us win the lottery of life by being born in a rich country, to decent parents, with no worries about food, shelter, safety, or being loved. Others are not as lucky.
Watching this show definitely makes me appreciate how damn lucky I am, and that I have no reason to complain.
Except for one thing: Having to wait an entire year for the next season :-(

2. Brexit
I usually don't get political on here, and rest assured, I won't today either. But as a German/European citizen, I can't help but needing to acknowledge this shocking decision of Britain to leave the European Union (FYI: I think it's a terrible idea).
If you want to learn more, you can read all about it here.

The reason I decided to mention Brexit on my blog is this article I found yesterday.
It highlights the similarities between Lord Voldemort returning, and Britain deciding to leave the EU.
As a Harry Potter fan, I love this!
I won't repeat the article (read it, it's so awesome!), but I do want to share a couple of tweets featured on it:

3. Richard's birthday
You know what else happened on June 24th? It was Richard's birthday. Much less significant in the big scheme of the world, but responsible for my brief social media-break. I didn't post a single picture on Instagram for almost 72 hours, which has got to be a new record for me.
It made me feel strangely off-balanced, like an integral part of me was missing. But I was so busy with cleaning/cooking/hosting a birthday dinner, that I couldn't fit it in. Which means there is no photographic evidence of the dinner, or our dinner guests, which makes me wonder if it actually really happened??
My tummy (and exhaustion) say yes, but my phone says no - WHO TO BELIEVE??

I do, however, have a cute photo of him that I took yesterday (thanks to Snapchat).

Love him!

What's new with you?


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