Thursday 16 June 2016

My playground

I have alluded to the fact that work life is less than wonderful right now. No need to go over it again; today I want to focus on how I unwind from work - on my personal playgound!

As soon as I get home, I change out of my scrubs into more suitable attire. Luckily, after several days of heavy rain and cool temps, that means shorts and sandals again!
Then I pack a bag with all the essentials: books, drink, snack, yoga mat, camera, and phone. Dogs in tow, I head to my favourite place in the entire world: My spot under the willow tree.

After dealing with people all day, I need some time to myself. No talking, no interacting, just being. I like to gaze at the pond, the sky, and the animals, breathing in the sweet air deeply. I decompress, let the day fall away from me, and slowly relax. 
My shoulders drop, my muscles unclench, and I love the world again.

After a while, Rich joins me. We sit and talk, telling each other of our day, and discuss whatever comes to mind: Plans we have, mutual friends, family, the animals, normal everyday stuff like money, work, or projects around our home.  
And we comment often on this fact: We LOVE this place. We will forever be grateful that we have our weekend escape right in our backyard. 

Shorts: Old Navy
Shirt: old (similar)
Sandals: H&M (not available any more; cute alternatives here or here)
Sunnies: old (similar)

How do you unwind after work?


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