Saturday 13 August 2016

Guest posting at BeYoutiful Beauty

Hi friends! I'm working on several posts right now, but it's slow going. The old brain is more distracted than ever these days.

Luckily, I did an interview with the inspiring Jessica from BeYoutiful Beauty a while ago when my brain was still working. It's about self love, something most of us could use more of.
For some reason it feels almost scandalous to admit to loving yourself. Will people think you are vain? Will they think you are full of yourself?

Well, you should be full of yourself. We all should! Full of confidence, compassion, and kindness towards ourselves. No more negative self talk. If you'd know how I used to talk to myself, you would be shocked. I called myself every self-derogatory word under the sun: fat, lazy, ugly, selfish, stupid, revolting. I had so little respect for myself, I thought it would be impossible for anyone to ever love me. If I didn't love myself, how could anyone else?

We're talking about these questions and more in today's post: Just click here to read it!

Happy Saturday!

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