Wednesday 5 October 2016

My morning routine

The other day I came across this funny post by Amber from Forever Amber. She noticed that posts about blogger's morning routine are a thing right now, and she did her own take on it. I thought it was hilarious, and decided to share my routine. Or to be more accurate, routines - there's a big difference between the mornings I have to get up for work, and the ones when I have the day off. 

Getting up for work:
The alarm rings. I hit snooze.
5 minutes later. I hit snooze.
5 minutes later. I hit snooze.
5 minutes later. I hit snooze.
After the fourth time, I realize that I have to stop this, and groan loudly that "I don't want to get up. Stupid work. I want to stay home!" Because I'm a child a normal adult in touch with her emotions. It's healthy. (ish) 

Getting up on a day off:
I'm gently being woken up by bird song and sun rays tickling my face. I open one eye, glance at the clock, and revel in the knowledge that I don't have to get up unless I want to. I immediately feel wide awake, unable to drift back to sleep. Hrumph, typical.  

While still in bed, I grab my phone. The bright display light temporarily blinds me, causing me to curse heartily. 
Then I do a quick scroll through the essentials: Instagram (who liked my photos during the night?), emails, Facebook, Bloglovin'. Ten minutes later, I finally heave myself out of bed. 

Day off:
While still in bed, I grab my phone. Since it's daylight, the display light is fine. I'm scrolling through the essentials first, but take my time and also read a couple of blogs. 
30 minutes later I finally get up, because I really need to pee. 

Coffee. While drinking coffee, I sit down in front of my computer for blog reading. I also vaguely think that I should write a post. After all, I have half an hour, that should be enough time, right?
45 minutes later.
Damn it, I have to hurry or I'm going to be late! (I started a post, but only got a couple of sentences in. Too distracted by videos announcing that Gilmore Girls will be back!!, or a cat riding a scooter. This happens way too often. The distraction, I mean - not sure about the cat.)

Day off:
Coffee. Lots of time spent in front of the computer. Mostly reading, maybe blogging, then answering emails and some writing. 
Two hours later.
The corgi is sitting on the chair next to me (she has her own desk chair, obviously), and she had enough of my dilly-dallying. She has started pulling on my sleeve, lightly but persistently. I try to ignore her, but she won't stop.  

I dash into the bathroom to get ready. I had planned to do something nice with my hair, but there is no time. So I throw it into a ponytail, slap some moisturizer on my face, then sprint into the kitchen to quickly make some breakfast and pack a lunch for work. No time to eat breakfast at home, will do so in the car.

Day off:
"Fine, I'll go with you!" I tell Lily in exasperation. I make myself a slice of toast, put on some clothes, and head downstairs, with an overly enthusiastic corgi barking nonstop and dancing around me. She's so excited for her walk, I can't help but laugh. 
During the walk, I make plans for the rest of the day: Yoga, housework, writing, cooking a nutritious and delicious lunch.  

I nip into the bathroom at work to brush my teeth before I start my shift. What started out as a one-time dental emergency, has now turned into a daily ritual. I can't seem to start work without having freshly-brushed teeth and a minty breath. Is that normal?
(Don't answer that.)

Day off:
Too tired for yoga. Need to lie down for a bit. 
One hour later.
Oops, fell asleep. It's lunch time already! Where did the morning go?

What does your morning routine look like?



  1. This is so much like MY work days vs. days off!

  2. Same here but my work days start with two alarms 15 mins apart because snooze drives my husband crazy, then hope I get up at the second alarm. I usually fall right back to sleep though and wake up (if I'm luck) 15-20 mins later. Yoga, breakfast, post to IG, scan social media and play candy crush. Third alarm (get your butt in the shower) I turn it off, finish my coffee and then realize 20-30 mins have past. Just in the shower. Fourth alarm telling me I better be walking out the door but I am just rinsing my shampoo... Hurry (sort of) to finish getting ready, leave the house late and get to work late. Luckily my bosses are flexible. I am rarely on time. This is one thing I hate about myself. Mornings are rough!

    1. I can totally sympathize! Your mornings are VERY much like mine. I firmly believe that we humans were not made for being rudely and artifically awoken by a ringing alarm. It's an insult to the entire system!


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