Saturday 2 September 2017

Feminist in training

I was taught not to trust women. 
I was taught that women are manipulative. 
I was taught that women are dramatic. 
I was taught that women are bitchy. 
I was taught that every misogynistic prejudice I ever heard was true. 

I believed it. 
I was deeply distrustful of women. 
I looked for all the bad things I was taught about women.
And when you look for something, you will find it. 
I looked so hard for it, I missed everything else. 

I missed the strength of women.
I missed the creativity of women. 
I missed women's ability to love fiercely.
I missed women's forgiveness.
I missed the laughter, the support, the sisterhood. 
I missed women's badassery.

I missed so much.

It's not to late.
It's never too late.
I see it now.
Women are invincible.
Women are a force to be reckoned with.
Women can be whatever they choose to be.
And I'm so proud to be one of you.



  1. The thing is: we were taught not to trust OURSELVES. we were taught that WE are manipulative. We were taught that WE are dramatic, bitchy, ... and so on.
    Why? Just imagine how strong we would be without the brainwashing... how invincible! That seem to scare a lot of people. Love, Maren

    1. Omg Maren, you hit the nail on the head. I didn't even see it when I was writing it. You're right! We ARE brainwashed as girls and women. But once we realize that, it takes away their power. We are intelligent, strong human beings! And we can choose whatever the hell we want to be. Thank you for your enlightening comment!! 😙❤

  2. I was taught that if someone was picking on me, or a teacher was treating me differently, it must have been because I did something to cause that treatment. I was taught to dress modestly or I would attract the wrong kind of attention and that is how girls get raped. I was taught to fear the world. I was taught that I can't do things because I have no proper training.
    This was soooo exhausting. I had enough shrinking back inside myself. I stand in front of everyone now, wearing what I want, went and where I want. I will speak what is on my mind but with compassion not cruelty. Not care if I sound hippy dippy. I speak MY truth and that is so empowering.

    1. Soooo beautifully said! Not hippy dippy at all - and if it is, we can all use some more hippy philosophy in our lives!
      It's heartbreaking what we're taught as young girls. It's so deeply ingrained that it can take decades before we learn to trust ourselves and value our own opinions. I'm so happy that you've found your voice and your own rules to live by! They're good ones. I'm on my way to get there!


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