Thursday 18 October 2018

A really happy day

There are days where the sun is shining from a perfect blue sky, you have a few kittens draped all over you, a couple dogs by your feet, and your husband smiles at you and says: "Today is a really good day."
Days like that need to be bottled up, to look back at when you're down and you need a reminder of how good life can be. 
Last Tuesday was such a day. Nothing special happened, but it was one of those days where you feel good and your beloved feels good and you enjoy each other's company so much it almost hurts a little, right behind the heart. I got my hair cut and then we went for lunch, visited a friend and stopped by our local pub for a drink, before going home and hanging out with our babies. It was simple yet magical, and I took lots of photos and made Rich take some, so this post can serve as a little time capsule of a really good day.
Tall farmer, little goats.
My yoga goat Adele and her first baby girl Poodle. 
Feeding time.
Corgis are herding dogs, and Lily is mesmerized by goats. She follows them around everywhere.
My two main girls.
Tom Snow and Teddy greeting the kittens. Over the last few weeks we have slowly introduced the dogs to the kitties, and it's going better every day! We have the cats outside now during the day when we're around, and dogs and cats get along better than we dared to hope. 
My little darling Miss Grey.
Big paws and little paws.
My pack.
Water is life.

I hope you have your own ways to bottle up those special, beautiful days! 

xoxo Miriam



  1. The baby goats and kittens are so cute!

    1. They give us so much joy! I miss them when I'm gone.

  2. Hi Miriam,

    Your hair seriously looks amazing! I love it! I think any day spent with all these amazing animals would be a great day :) The goats are too cute! And the corgis! I have to sneak over to my parents' house to get in my animal fix, but maybe one day I'll adopt something small for my apartment...
    Cherish these days, they are truly the best!!!


    1. Old-me is shaking her head in amazement, but new-me is recommending getting a cat for your apartment! Seriously, a cat would be perfect for you!
      It's indescribably wonderful to live with animals. Their love is so unconditional, I cherish it every day.


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