Wednesday 10 October 2018

Maurice and the mice

I know you've all been impatiently waiting for an update on Maurice and his gang, and who am I to deny you that?
Especially when it's good news all around!

Remember the cookies my house mate left me? Gone! All demolished by me, with just a little help from Richard.
Maurice the Raccoon turned into Maurice the Furnace, and I'm happy to report that he works excellent. 
Maurice has become my best friend on these chilly autumn days. 

And in regards to the mice: I brought a specialist in. 
Meet Nina the Heeler, aka Nina the Mouser, aka the fastest dog this side of the Nicola river. This dog doesn't run, she flies. She doesn't just sniff, she pounces. And when she pounces, she kills, swift and merciless. 
Until the kittens are more mature, she's our best mouse hunter, and we brought her in last weekend to nip this little invasion in the bud.
She came, she searched - and she found nothing. All that was left were a few droppings and a few mouse prints in the dust.
Not convinced that they were really gone, I brought in my best detective:
Lily the Corgi, aka Lily Holmes, aka the nosiest dog since your nosy aunt Cheryl has been on the case every day, tirelessly checking on any trace of the invasion. Despite her best efforts, she, too can't find a trace of the gang. 
Seems like this math problem is easy to solve: no food=no mice. 

No cookies, no mice - all that's left is my BFF Maurice the Furnace. I have a feeling the two of us will have a happy winter together. 

Hasta la vista baby!
xo Miriam 



  1. Yay!! A happy ending with cute puppies! What more could we ask for?

    1. Uhmm... turns out, the mice didn't leave after all. My housemate told me that they're back (still here?), and she had a staring contest with one of them who was perched on the stove 😣🐀 All I know right now is that she killed one, but that there are more on the lose. To be continued...


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