Thursday 10 April 2014

Style: Bold, blue, everywhere!

This post is about three things: glasses, shoes and blossoms. I mentioned a little while ago that a few treats where coming my way, and come they did. Another big win for online shopping! I bought new glasses from ClearlyContacts, and I'm oh-so overjoyed with them. For someone who has been wearing contacts 99% of the time for the last 17 years, this is kinda big. I have never felt pretty with glasses, which I now come to realize is because I always chose the wrong frames! Big and bold is the way to go. 

These amazing shoes are Swedish Hasbeens, and I have been coveting a pair for over a year. But with a pricetag of over $200, I resigned myself to keep dreaming. Imagine my joy when I found them for under $80 on Amazon! I apologize for the dirt on them, should have cleaned them in between photos, but who has time for that. Keeping it real here.

Lastly: blossoms. They are everywhere!

Glasses: ClearlyContacts; top: Macy's (from 2 years ago); jeans: Mexx (got them on sale, similar here); shoes: Swedish Hasbeens; necklace: gift; bracelets: Ardene (old) and Etsy; ring: gift

What have you bought lately that made you feel overjoyed?

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Oh those shoes!!! Sigh. A colleague of mine just bought their white low heeled sandals, they're all just so dreamy. I am hankering after the metallic ones myself, but they are quite pricey so I shall think long and hard! Beautiful blossom in the background, makes your outfit look even lovelier. P x

  2. Ebay is my husband's trick for finding expensive shoes at inexpensive prices--gotta be happy with a deal like yours! Very cute outfit!

  3. Those glasses are so SO cute on you! This is a great post all around :) I recently went on a shopping spree at Banana Republic outlet and got this awesome blouse shirt thing that I LOVE. It makes me happy.

  4. I love your out on the farm photoshoots! I do love the glasses and those shoes are cute....I love getting a good deal!

  5. Wow, those shoes! Excellent deal. Your whole look is super cute :)


  6. Love the glasses! You are gorgeous! These photos are terrific too. Your personality just sparkles!


  7. Suuuper adorable!!!! The glasses look great! I am thinking about getting a new pair!

  8. LOVE the glasses! I'm gonna check out the site... I'm going to the dr next week for my eye exam and then I need to get a new pair!

  9. I love that shirt! The print is so pretty. Cute frames too, good choice.

  10. Hi., I am Ada I found you through Plane Pretty's link up and I am glad I stopped by. You are so adorable. Love that top and those awesome shoes. We all love good deals.

    I welcome you to my blog now and hopefully you like it. <3 Ada.

  11. I'm obsessed with your shoes!! I NEED those! lol
    The whole look is fab and you look super adorable!! Thanks so much for linking up for Passion For Fashion! Pinning this look, m'kay? ;)

  12. Your glasses look GREAT on you!! And yeah...those shoes. I am in love. I clicked on the link, and while the price shows under $80, when I click on my size, it shoots back up to $200! Do you know why that is? I didn't see any size/color combo that were under $80. :(


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