Wednesday 16 April 2014

Trials and tribulations

I'm sitting here on my desk, coffee beside me, blustery spring day just outside the window in front of me, puppy under my feet.
It is a calm, peaceful morning. The calm after the storm.
Yesterday was a gong show.
Which is perfect for linking up again with the feisty and adorable Kathy for Humpday Confessions!

It started out with my spunky, up-to-no-good puppy scratching on our bedroom door at the ungodly hour of 6am. After barely 5 hours of sleep, I am not at my best. (Understatement of the century.)
I tried to ignore her, but it didn't work; she just kept on scratching, and I couldn't fall back asleep. So I let her in; once she was inside, sleep time was over.
That puppy is crazy. Caraazzyyy!!
You remember how I sometimes share photos of her where she looks cute and composed?
Something like that:
Please disregard the dirty door. It's all the puppy's fault. She also eats my homework. :-)

Do you know how hard it is to get one of these? I have to eliminate at least 10 terrible photos for every 1 halfway decent one - blurry, head cut off, just her bum, her looking down. 
Have a look: 
And these are not the worst ones. 

Lily has entered the precarious state of teenagehood/pre-PMS. In other words, we believe that she will be in heat soon. Her first period is upon us shortly! As much as I dread it (any advice out there? Do I strap on a little kid's tighty whitey? Stick on a maxi mini pad? Diapers? Seriously, any advice is highly appreciated.), I almost hope that's the reason for her recent behaviour. PMS I understand. Girl, I get it, we are all sisters in blood here. Hormones have their way with us and we are just along for the ride. 
If it's not PMS we have a problem.

Before I start ranting, please know how much I love that dog. She's my baby, my partner-in-crime, my daily source of amusement and laughter. We kiss frequently, she showers with me - this all starts to sound like a dirty movie, yelp! Moving on.

To get back on topic: She's a real brat lately. Testing her boundaries and our patience. Where before she would willingly go out as soon as we called her (and/or used a treat as a bribe), she now lays down, cocks her head and challenges: "Come make me!". And try we do. Oh how we try. 
You want to know how it ended yesterday? With her doing a running pee across the entire kitchen, ending in an elegant swoop on the living room carpet.
Calling her is a game of "catch me if you can": She will come almost to hand's reach, just to dart away in a delightful game of catch.

Corg-monster, this is not a game! I call, you come, capiche?! 
We are working on it.

Okay, let's move on to rant #2. 

I blame it all on the moon. Anybody working in a hospital, on the streets, fighting fires or rescuing traffic victims will agree: full moons are the worst. They draw out the crazies. No myth, it's a fact.
And yesterday we had a "blood moon". Oh, you missed that? Well, it's basically a lunar eclipse, but with the sunlight scattered through the earth's atmosphere, making the moon look red. (I hope I got it right.)

We hospital workers don't really care about the specifics. All we care about is how our shifts will go. And during full moons? They go badly.

Nothing is easy. You run around. You sweat. You have to wear protective gear/lead vests way more than usual. Even your bum is sweating.
Patients may vomit on you. Or worse.
They may swear, or try to run off, or simply be very, very difficult. Everything you fear that may go wrong?
It will go wrong.

My only advice is: Don't work on a full moon.

Have anything you need to get off your chest? Link up with Kathy!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Whenever I read a post and there's a puppy pic I get distracted by alll of the cuteness. I have to read your post twice. Your puppy is soooo cute! Is he a Corgi?

    1. Yes she is! 6 months old, and the light of my days. She makes life a lot more fun! Messier as well, but it is worth it.
      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. Your dog is adorable but that pee thing? I would be so pissed. (ha.) Visiting from the link-up!

    1. Hehe, nice one!
      Yup, I wasn't impressed. Maybe I should consider diapers on a daily basis? ;-)
      Thanks for the visit!

  3. what a cute pup!!!! what kind of dog is he?

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. your puppy is so cute! and thank the jeepers full moons dont affect my job, i'd go nuts.

  5. Your puppy is so cute! Mine can definitely be a handful sometimes too.

  6. Super cute puppy! Full moons bring out the worst in everyone.

  7. Years ago at St Paul's a patient came into Emergency with a police officer accompanying him. The patient was sent down the hall to Xray while the cop stayed in Emergency and oggled at the Unit Clerk. Xray and Emergency were on the ground floor on the old building on Comox Street. The prisioner/patient jumped off the xray table and threw open the window and made his escape down Comox Street. Not sure if it wad a full moon or not.

    Love your blog! ♥♡♥

  8. We have friends in the medical field and they all say the same thing about the full moon. P wants to do a ride along with our friend who is a Paramedic...and he said during the full moon is the best time to see the crazy. Good thing she is cute....I would be SO frustrated with the peeing in the floor.

  9. Hi Miriam! Your puppy is soo cute! They really are like our children. Their love is unconditional. It honestly does not get any better than that! Wishing you luck on everything with the doggy. No body enjoys the inevitable period :(.


  10. YES TO THE FULL MOON! I work in a hospital too and whenever something SUPER crazy happens that's what we ask: "Is it a full-moon?!" haha

  11. AWWW I love your corgi!! I'm the aunt of a little mischievous corgi myself. He's such a little punk, I love it when my sister brings him over to visit. :D

  12. I was just talking with two other nurses about this yesterday! Who knew.

    And the dog. Ohhh puppies. Hadn't thought about PMS because all my dogs have been fixed (are you going to spay her or no?) but they all got bratty and teenagery too. They seriously are the best preparation for babies out there.

  13. Puppies are the devil and then they melt you with those eyes. I have a Podenco puppy and she's 7 months. I've had her since March and starting around the 4th week she was with me, I was almost willing to give her away because she was just testing me. I have no idea how to deal with being in heat though, my girl is fixed so we don't have to worry about that nonsense.

  14. Yikes- working in an office can be crazy. I can only imagine what it is like in an hospital! Good luck!

  15. Hmmm, I'm going to ask Angel if he finds work a little crazier when it's a full moon...


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