Wednesday 9 April 2014


Guys, I have clutchleg. You don't know what that is? Why, let me enlighten you!
First, you need a bigass, huge, heavy car. A truck, if you have one. It has to be standard, that is essential for clutchleg. Next, drive a fairly long distance, in heavy traffic, with lots of gear changes. If there are a few steep hills thrown in just for fun, where you have to stop and then start, even better. 
Do this for a few hours, and there you have it: all the "ingredients"for clutchleg!

Still unclear? Well, I had to drive my gimpy, one-armed husband (just figuratively, not literally, he didn't lose an arm overnight) and his crew to work today.
Rich's shoulder is out of commission, he is in a lot of pain, but he absolutely needed to be at work today. The solution? Miriam to the rescue! I agreed to drive them around today.

We have a F350 truck, which I dearly love, but don't enjoy driving. Dude, the clutch on that baby is heavy
I honestly feel like my poor left leg has to support tons and tons of that elephant's weight. Not cool. 
Plus, did I mention that I had to shift gears approximately one million times today?? (This may be a slight exaggeration, but I don't think so.) 
I swear I could feel my left thigh muscles bulking up as we were driving along. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, I like being strong and a bit muscely, but what about the right leg? That didn't get a workout, and now I'm all lopsided and uneven. Hrumph.

Well, I did get a compliment out of my husband for my driving skillz, which is so rare that it's totally worth having one toned and one un-toned leg for.
And I gotta admit: I felt pretty badass driving The Beast. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that: the name of our truck is The Beast, given to it by the kids basically on the very first day they owned that thing. It is large and in charge. And so was I! (More on the left side than the right, but what can you do.)

I didn't do much actual work on the job, my job was being the driver (and it's my day off!), so I wandered around with the Corg-mouse and took some pretty spring pictures. Because I am a blogger, therefore I shall treasure all seasons! (And I do, I really do!)

How was your hump day??

xo Miriam

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  1. "not literally, he didn't lose an arm overnight" Hahahaahah! Phew! ;P

  2. Ok you are cracking me up but seriously bravo on being able to drive that truck! When I was learning to drive my grandpa made me drive around our block in his small truck that was not automatic and once I could do it he said that was all he could handle and I could go back to the automatic cars but if I was ever in an emergency I should have enough knowledge to drive to safety!

  3. Badass...I bet it did feel good to be able to show those guys up ;) I use to drive a stick-shift...I don't really miss it at all. My father insisted I learn to drive stick when I was first learning to drive. I have a pretty funny story about driving my HS boyfriends truck, I will have to tell sometime. The pictures are very pretty, the last one is my favorite!

  4. Corgi butt!

    I probably wouldn't have Been able to reach the pedals in The Beast! Go you!

    I drive a stick but it's a Scion xB. Easy Peasy!

  5. I love the pics of the flowers and showing that spring in is the air. Love the yellow flowers

  6. so so pretty! i love all the spring blooms. :) i don't think i would be able to drive a truck like that.. nor would my husband even let me with my driving skills.. we would probably be at home with cabin fever. hehe

    1. Spring is a little show-off, isn't it? But it does it so well.... I adore all the flowers, new awakenings and the excitement in the air, it is so contagious!
      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  7. I have thought that before when driving something with a clutch - my left leg feels so much stronger than my right at the end of the day!

    Gorgeous flowers and I love your pink tennies!



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