Saturday 2 August 2014

July in pictures

Oh, how I have come to love these monthly photo round-ups from my 365 project! They give me a chance to look back and reflect on the past month, take in the changes in nature and around the farm, and see if I have improved in any way in my photography endeavours. 

This has become such a much-loved hobby of mine. As someone who has only a few photos from child-and teenagehood (the obligatory Christmas-and vacation pictures, mostly), and barely any of my first few years in Canada, I'm now making up for lost time. Digital photography is one of the best things that have ever happened to us amateur photographers! If necessary (and it is necessary in my case) you can take literally thousands of pictures and discard 90% of them, and it doesn't cost you a penny. So, aside from the cost for the camera, photography is actually a very cheap hobby, since you don't really need any other equipment. 
Of course, you can buy a ton of extras, but you don't have to.

I am currently working on a post of photography tips from a clueless photographer (-> me!), and hope to have it finished by next week. Over the last year I have picked up quite a few tips and tricks from better photographers that I found helpful, and I want to share! 
But first things first: This was our July.  

 Everything red and white and iced tea: It was Canada day!
Pink poppies
Horses and dogs loving summer in the same fashion
 Sleeping baby bunnies
Sheep headed towards greener pastures across the fence
Summer clouds
 Bear enjoying his dip in the pool
Nick investigating the mysterious tripod I keep schlepping around
A beautiful late afternoon
 Ducks and geese enjoying their shower
Curious chickens
 Making rainbows
Germany won the world cup!
Guest at a beautiful wedding
Hot days, cool drinks
 A shady spot
The quiet before the storm
Double exposure horses
Evening walks
Our Morgan likes to come for a visit
A last evening on the pond before our vacation
 Cheers to our vacation!
The ship's colourful atrium
Beautiful Skagway in Alaska
 Seagull flying over icy water
This photo is a favourite, because Rich almost never smiles in photographs. Gotcha!
Flying raven
BC mountains at dusk
Simple pleasures at home: Fresh flowers on the kitchen table

This summer is a good one, and it seems to fly by way too fast. Slow down, please?

xo Miriam

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  1. The photo of you and Rich is beautiful. You look so very happy. I have a few other faves also. The double exposure of the horse, Nick checking out the tripod and the baby bunnies. I just wanna cuddle them!!! What an awesome July it looks like you've had :)

  2. I love seeing your monthly photo round-ups!! Looking forward to seeing your tips!! I love photography tips!


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