Tuesday 26 August 2014

Party people (Germany, part deux)

As promised, here is the second part of our trip to Germany. Having three of the girls there with us made it super-special this time around. We had such a fun time!

That bun! Stef did it just with backcombing and lots of bobby pins, and I loved that bun so very much. I wanted to keep it forever. 
Not camera ready. 
Definitely not camera ready. 

Goosestepping during the parade
During Schuetzenfest, the entire town is in party mode. It's all about lighthearted fun, eating, dancing and drinking. No talking about heavy stuff, it's all about forgetting your sorrows and having lots of laughs! It is sort of like an escape from reality for a few days. 
My Oma loves knitting, and keeps giving us more hand-knitted socks. I love them! 
Richard's old tractor. What a beaut!
Tractor ride. It was bumpy (oh-so-bumpy), but so much fun! We managed to fit all five of us on there. Quite a feat!

So much beer, bread and butter was consumed, we are currently all on a veggies-and-water binge. But it was totally worth it!

xo Miriam  

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  1. AWw!! Love the pics!!! Seems like such a fun time!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm so jealous of that bun! Mine doesn't even look that good when I use a mesh ring!

  3. That is a serious bun!! Great pics :) The girls look like they had a good time too :)

  4. This looks like so much fun. I really want to go to Schuetzenfest now! That bun is awesome. You all look lovely and like you're having a blast!


  5. Oh this looks like quite the trip!! So many smiles and fun times!!


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