Saturday 30 August 2014

August pictures

243. That's how many pictures I have taken for my 365 challenge so far. Which means I have completed 66% of it! That number is only a small percentage of the amount of photos I have taken this year, which is completely amazing. I am sure that I have taken more pictures in 2014 alone than all the photos combined from my entire life before. Crazy, isn't it?? 
That's the cool thing about these sort of projects: A small decision to stick to something can lead to a new passion. There are 122 more days to go - I've got this!

 Blogging is my cardio
Happy place
Thirsty Susans
Our sweet Blue
 Miss Sheila
Sheep hanging out by the pond
First beer of our Germany vacation
 Beach party (where I got thrown into the pool)
German Autobahn
Singing with my niece
Fat tiger
Colourful statue
Kick-ass bun
 Scenes from the Schuetzenfest: goosestepping, dirndls, German flag and hand-knitted socks
 Tractor ride
Neil taking a sandbath
Peaceful pigeons
 Playful friends
Dog days of summer
Pretty evening sky
Beauty is all around us
Lily relaxing by the pond

August was a colourful, fun month! But I have to say, I'm glad to slow down now. This first week back at work has knocked the stuffing right out of me, and I feel worn out and exhausted. It's time to get back into the routine of working again, plus I also have a few projects planned around the house, and I am brainstorming ideas for the blog (always). Here is to a productive September!

xo Miriam 

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  1. Oh how fun! It's true - making a little commitment can sometimes help you discover a new passion. For me? I started writing over a year ago just to keep up with my family and friends who live far away, and it turned into a blog, and here I am - how many months later? - loving creating posts and meeting other bloggers...I'm completely passionate about it! I think this is the perfect way to show your skill (and build your interest!) in photography - I've said it a million times, you've really got an eye! I love these kind of "summary posts" - whether it be a month in pictures, a year in pictures, a week in summation, etc. - it really makes you think twice about what you personally are experiencing in your own everyday life. Such a great post!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I think your pictures are gorgeous. What a great idea. It's amazing when we start something and then realize how passionate we are about it.

  3. Is that a llaaamaaaaa? Your pictures are vibrant, love all the activity this month.

  4. I always love your picture round-ups!! I'm really considering trying the 365 challenge. August flew by!!

  5. Ahh, your photo recaps always make me smile. Such color and fun and love and LIFE! Happy September!



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