Tuesday 8 September 2015

Beautiful people

In the labyrinth that is social media, I came across a couple things that are too good not to share. 
First, have you heard of Socality Barbie? It's an Instagram account that pokes fun at hipster IG accounts, and the #socality and #liveauthentic hashtags. It's brilliant, you have to check it out!
Hipster Barbie

Second, I found a new blog I'm completely in love with: Nishaantishu. Freya is a photographer who travels all over the world for her stunning photography. She is humble, honest, real and so talented! Her Instagram is a thing of incredible beauty, you have to see it. I really like that girl a lot. Go over and get lost in her dreamy world! 
Freya (image taken from her blog)

Freya has a fantastic feature on her blog called One Day where she invites different people to talk about their dreams for the future. One of them is Ruthie Lindsey, who in an incredibly inspiring and wonderful woman. I let her introduce herself:

It's no secret that I love the internet, and these are just three reasons why. It's wonderful to find inspiring people that make you appreciate life just a bit more!

Have a short and sweet week peeps!


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