Thursday 3 September 2015

Style: Party outfit

Last weekend was a rare "party" weekend for us: We were invited to two (TWO!) parties. This is beyond crazy for us, because we are usually total homebodies. As anxious as two parties in two days made me (there was major anxiety, people!), the fact that I could dress up was a major factor why I enjoyed this rare and stressful occurrence tremendously.

I wore this outfit to our second event, a party celebrating the lowest of low-key weddings. We know the bride quite well, but hadn't seen her new digs yet. To say they were incredible would be an understatement. 
Picture this: You are driving through rolling green hills, winding your way slowly upward. 
You pass a gate. 
The road becomes narrower and more treacherous.
Here and there, you get a glimpse of ocean beyond the tress, sparkling in the sunlight. 
The houses on each side of the road become fancier with each turn you take.
Finally, you reach your destination. 

You enter a light-filled, spacious entry way. Beyond it, you can already see the ocean laid out in all its glory. 
Impatiently, you greet the hosts, eager to get to the deck to take the view in in all its staggering, breathtaking glory. 

Finally, you get to the balcony.
It's even more gorgeous than you anticipated it would be. 
And you know: This party will be a breeze. 

And it was. We had lively, stimulating conversation without feeling awkward once. Was it the view? The dress? The company?
We will never know. All we know is this: This weekend was one for the books. 

Shoes: Old Navy (on sale! and so comfortable!); dress: Winners (similar); jacket: H&M (similar)
purse: I can't remember where I bought it,but similar here

Happy 3-day weekend my friends!


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