Tuesday 1 September 2015

September goals

I am sitting here on my desk in flannel pajama bottoms and my husband's oversized hoodie, clutching a cup of hot coffee in my non-writing hand. Yesterday, we turned on the fireplace. Guys, the temperature dropped from 30° Celsius one day to 15° Celsius the next. I'm not impressed. 

We had a massive wind storm over the weekend, with power outages affecting hundreds of thousands of people for days. Ours was out for 40 hours, which made me realize four things: 

1. I suck at keeping my electronics charged. My camera battery was empty, my phone was empty, and two of the three non-electronic clocks needed their batteries replaced - for most of the weekend I had no idea what time it was, all three clocks showed different times. Turns out I usually completely rely on my phone and the electronic clocks on the stove or coffee maker, which were dark. Huh, who knew. 

2. I am very fond of addicted to the Internet. I missed it so much! On Sunday (24 hours into the power outage) I hopped into my car, desperately searching for coffee and a working computer. It was harder than expected, because large parts of the city were still power-less. It took me half an hour to find an open coffee shop with Wi-Fi, which turns out to be a blessing: It's the cutest coffee place I have seen in a while! A-mazing latte and super-comfy interior. I am contemplating to bring my laptop there one day and write, which is something I have never done but would make me feel very artsy and writer-ly. Also, pretentious beyond belief. I will do it anyway ;-)

3. Sitting by candle light with your dogs and husband is romantic - to a point. It gets old on day two. We hooked up a generator to our freezers 32 hours in, and my TV-loving hubby had the brilliant idea to run one cable up to the TV. We watched three episodes of Downton Abbey and never appreciated power more. 

4. I never wanted to vacuum and iron as much as I did when I couldn't. Life is ironic like that. 

Anyway, let's get to the point of this post: Monthly goals! I am linking up again with MariahEstherHsiao-TingLindsay and Shannon to Maximize my Month.

Maximize Your Month

My August goals were simple: Work, play, write. Overall, it went pretty well! Work was - well, work, so let's not go there. 

The play part was obviously much more enjoyable: I wrote about our dance temple adventure and shared some Salt Spring Island snapshots. It was one of the craziest and best experiences of the year!
We also attended the surprise party and the wedding celebration (which was more of a casual gathering), and had a great time at both events. 

The writing is still happening: I am currently at 14,938 words. With August being so busy I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but September will be much better, so my main focus will be on that. 

Which brings me to my

September goals:

Work on my book like crazy.
I have two weeks off (starting this Thursday, woohoo!), and aside from hopefully going camping we have no other plans. Which means, no excuses! I want to buckle down and do this thing. Prepare for at least one staged Instagram photo of a coffee cup next to a laptop, hashtagged #hustle. It's awfully hipster, but it needs to be done.

Clean up the yard. 
Because of the storm we have approximately a million tree branches strewn all over the place. I cannot wait to clean it all up. *heavy sarcasm alert*

Hand in three (!) assignments.
You may recall that I signed up for a CT course three weeks ago. As always, I was gung-ho in in the beginning and submitted the first assignment an entire week before its due date. Sadly, that enthusiasm dried up quickly, and now I'm trying to muster the willpower to get started on the next one. I better get my butt in gear, because it is due this Friday. It has math in it though, which means everything inside me is rebelling against it. Well, it's back-to-school month, so I'm trying to channel the go-get-'er spirit of all the other students brimming with fresh hope and energy.

And you know what? That's it for the month. Don't wanna overdo it, or nothing gets done. You know how it is.

What are your goals for September? Please share with Maximize Your Month!


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