Wednesday 9 September 2015

31 questions

Let's play 31 questions, shall we? Liz from Be.Love.Live did this and decided to join in. By the way, she is another blogger I just found and whom I like a lot. Check her out!

This photo has nothing to do with this post. But doesn't it look pretty?

Okay, let's get started:

1. Where's your cellphone?
Shockingly, not right next to me as per usual. It has started to die the slow death of battery decline, and is charging (again) in the kitchen. 

2. Where's your second half?
Driving his worker home. 

3. Your hair?
In a braid. 

4. Your mood?
Much better now. I was in a funk all day, partly due to PMS, partly because of the grey weather, and partly because we can't always be Sally Sunshine. But my mood has lifted considerably since we bought some candy and chocolate earlier this afternoon and ate a bunch! 

5. Your plan for today?
It's already after 6pm, so I have no other plans but drinking tea, doing my nails, watching Gilmore Girls and doing some ironing. Ironing is strangely soothing to me. Tomorrow I have to drive into Vancouver to the German Embassy to renew my passport, which is one of those tasks I hate doing - but then, who doesn't? 

6. What's the best you know?
There is something good to be found everywhere. A bad situation, a dark place, whatever you are going through - there is also positivity, light and goodness to be found if you look for it. 
Also, don't take yourself and life too seriously, laugh every day, and love with all your heart. 

7. Your dream last night?
It was a back to school dream. Strange, since neither I nor the kids are going to school this year. A friend (I know him IRL) invited Lea and me for pancakes to his house, where he cooked for his two daughters and us. The wife wasn't impressed. Afterwards we piled into an old, crappy van and tried to drive to school, but everything went wrong and we arrived way too late. Oh, also, I had an outfit disaster day and wore completely the wrong thing: A pencil skirt (I haven't worn pencil skirts in many years), striped shirt and polka dotted cardigan, all in black and white. I paired that ensemble with chunky knit socks and Chucks. Ugh. No wonder I felt so out of sorts.      

8. Your goal in life?
To be happy, live authentically, and be kind to other people. To spread hope, joy and laughter. 

9. The room you are in?
My little office where I do most of my blogging and writing, with my two dogs Lily and Nina by my feet. 

10. Your hobby?
This blog, writing, reading, yoga, photography.  

11. Your fear?
To lose my husband. To not live life to the fullest. To be guided by fear.

12. Where would you like to be in six years?
In six years I will be 41 years old. I want to have published a book that's well received, be able to do handstands and backbends, still live somewhere in the southwest of Canada. My husband and I will go on roadtrips with the dogs regularly, and visit friends that live all across North America. 

13. Where were you yesterday evening?
At home, drinking wine with hubby and a friend, and eating pancakes with fresh plums. 

14. What are you not?

15. Something you wish?
Warmer weather again so we can go camping on the weekend. 

16. Where did you grow up?
In a small town in Germany. 

17. What was the last thing you did?
I just interrupted writing this post because I remembered that I had to order a birthday gift for my dad. His birthday is in two days, oops!   

18. Your clothes?
Jeans and a blue-white striped shirt. Bare feet.       

19. Your TV?
Ahem, I actually had to get up and check, because I have no clue. It's a LG that we've had for absolute ages, at least ten years I think. 40 inches, if you measure diagonally from corner to corner? Sorry, I don't know anything about these things. 

20.  Your pets?
Too numerous to mention. To see some/most of them, take a look at my Farmlife section. Main side kicks are Lily, the Corgi, and Nina, the Blue Heeler puppy. 

Lily is on the left, Nina on the right

21. Your computer?
HP desktop. I love it, its big screen converted me from a laptop to a desktop user. 

22. The best thing you own?
Yoga mat, Kindle, cellphone, computer. 

23. Do you miss anyone?
Surprisingly, no. I thought I would, and in the past I did, but now I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. It's a very peaceful feeling. 

24. Your car?
A Toyota Highlander. It's a great, reliable vehicle. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the colour: it's silver. So boring. 

25. Something you're not wearing?
Right now? Shoes, and any jewellery except my wedding band. Surprisingly, still wearing my bra and even make-up today, which is unusual. Hang on a sec... *takes off bra* ... ahh, that's better. 

26. Favourite store?
ModCloth, Winners, Old Navy, H&M, American Eagle. Does that make me a basic girl?
Also, what is a basic girl?

27. Your summer?      
We stayed home and enjoyed the hottest and driest summer in living history. It was epic! To sum it up, you can read about my summer in These are the days....
Want to take a peek at a day in my life? Go right ahead, click here. (Go on, I know you want to.)
Tons of time was spent under the willowtree, relaxing with a cold beverage and being entertained by the beasts.

Hubby and I went on a couple roadtrips (you can read about them here and here - oh, and of course here); saw my favourite band live; and a few friends and I went ziplining. It was a wonderful summer!

28. Do you love anyone?
The love of my life is my husband Richard. If you are in the mood, our love story is here.
The dogs. My family. Friends that make me laugh.

29. Favourite colour?
Fall colours: Reds, warm orange, a sunny yellow. I also like sunset pink.

30. When did you last laugh?
Today. My husband makes me laugh every day, he really does. If that fails, the dogs will do the job :-)

31. When did you last cry?
Last night, when someone died in the book I'm reading. He is a cowboy who is married to a woman 25 years younger than him, and they love each other deeply - sound familiar? It hit a bit too close to home.

This was fun! If you want, answer some of these questions in the comments, or do your own post and link it to me! I'd love to read it.


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