Thursday 10 September 2015

Style: Basic

I wear a lot of dresses on the blog. Don't get me wrong, I also do that in real life - but I also wear a lot more jeans than what I share on here. Well, this is about to change. In the past, I would specifically "style" my "photo shoots" (please take both terms loosely), but I want to be more #authentic. Just like you, Socality Barbie
No seriously, that's the goal. Also, it's the easiest way to take these photos - just snap them of an outfit you are already wearing.     

Long story short: I like basics. Sometimes, a great pair of jeans, crisp white shirt and cute shoes is all you need! 

Speaking of shoes: I crave a new pair of booties. No fall is complete without some new duds, and new boot(ie)s it shall be for me! Have you guys seen the fringe that's happening everywhere? I'm in love. I don't want anything outrageous, just a little tassel to add some party to an otherwise basic boot. Any recommendations are welcome! I'm keeping an eye out as well...   

This is an outfit I wear when I'm at home all day and don't want to stay in my workout clothes; if I have to run errands; or even for a casual lunch. Hats are much more than a fashion statement for me: They make me feel more connected to my hubby (who has been wearing hats every day of his life for the last 30+ years) and, more importantly, they hide greasy roots ;-)

T-shirt: Garage Clothing (old, but they have a fantastic one with a white wolf on it!! - I want it); jeans: RW&CO. Chelsea Skinny (I LOVE them, my favourite pair!); booties: old from Target; fringe is the way to go this fall, check out these beauties! (Great basic pairs are these ones and those ones. Oh, how about a cowgirl-inspired pair?); hat: H&M (old; this one is similar)

Do you love basics? Or do you think this outfit is boring?


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