Wednesday 23 September 2015

Fake fur and 70s goodness

We bloggers love fall. In case you didn't know, your blogging card will be revoked if you dare to dislike fall.
Luckily, I have always been a big fan. Not only because of the colour explosion that happens in nature, but also because of the explosion of trends that happens in fall fashion. Today I want to show you a few spectacular accessories that are big this year.


Probably the most noteworthy trend in jewellery for the fall is that brooches, pins and pendants are everywhere. It's a fun way to personalize an outfit by adding unique, individual ornaments, whether they be pinned on, fastened to the ends of long necklaces, or even worn in the hair. This will also work well when cool weather outerwear comes about and you're able to fasten a piece of jewellery on the outside of your coat.

Another big trend in jewellery that's more unique to 2015 is the abundance of fringe and tassel designs in fashion collections. Marie Claire did a write-up all about this development, pointing to examples in earrings, pendants, and other pieces of jewellery, and suggesting that the whole thing facilitates a vaguely '70s-style look. 

May I also point out that I already wore tassel/fringe earrings last December (as proven by this post), cementing my status as fashion trendsetter. (Or, more accurately, my sister's nose for trends, since she is the one who gave them to me. Thanks sis!) 


Did you know that backpacks are cool again? My inner teenager is so happy about this. 

Lyst has done a nice job of gathering the bulk of these handbag trends in one place. There you'll find backpacks and bucket bags, patterned leather designs, bags adorned with metal studs, and even those made with faux fur exteriors. All of these are among the most popular options this year, and each has its perks. In particular, the emergence of the bucket bag as an everyday item serves a terrific purpose; these bags are as functional as they are stylish.


How amazing are these shoes? Very Game of Thrones, don't you think? Once in a while it's fun to step out of your comfort zone, and this season sports some unusual, fun shoes.

Popsugar outlined the latest shoe trends in this article, including footwear with furry and fuzzy exteriors and shoes designed with several colours in one. A great way to inject some fun and colour into the upcoming grey days!

Miscellaneous Pieces

All girls love scarves, right? They are cozy, warm, and can change up any outfit by adding different pops of colour, texture and patterns. If you want to take it one step further and class up an outfit, you should consider the (fake) fur stole, which appears to be making a comeback this year.

For those not so familiar with these pieces, a stole is basically a heavier, more firmly situated alternative to a scarf. They're ideal for cold weather, but even in moderate conditions they can accent an outfit like just about nothing else can. Plus it gives you a sophisticated Great Gatsby vibe, which is fabulous. 

That's about all there is to the accessory market this fall. As sad as it is having to say goodbye to summer, snatching up a few pieces from these categories and trends is a great way to embrace the new season!


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